how to treat scars

  • The Science Behind Scarring: What Causes Scars & How to Treat Them

    You might not like scars, but they are a testament of our bodies having successfully healed a large wound. While scarring is a natural process, many of us don’t love the way they look on our bodies. From stretch marks to surgical scars, the process is the same: damage, wound repair, and scar soft...
  • 3 Types of Scars & How To Treat Them

    Unless you live in a bubble, your skin is bound to have a few imperfections. Scars can be frustrating, but they don’t have to compromise how your skin looks. Here are three types of scars and how to treat them.
  • Customer Testimonial: How Scar Heal Products Changed My Life

    Meet Paulo, a businessman from Denver, Colorado. Paulo was the victim of a motorcycle accident many years ago that left him with a large scar on his forearm. Unable to conceal its visibility, Paulo spent months trying out different treatment options in an attempt to reduce the scar’s appearance. We sat down with Paulo to hear more about his scar heal journey and how Scar Heal became a part of it.

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