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  • How To Take Care of Your Silicone Scar Sheets For Long-Lasting Use

    When you get a serious scar from surgery, one of the most effective ways to help it heal quickly is to use silicone scar sheets. The reason being, most silicone sheets help enhance your body’s natural scar healing process. Rejuvaskin Scar Fx Silicone Scar Sheeting is one of the best silicone sca...
  • 6 Fun Facts About Silicone

    Think you know silicone? Think again! This fun little polymer has completely changed the way our industries function; from kitchens to the inside of your smartphone, silicone is everywhere. We’ve compiled a list of fun facts about silicone— a critical component in our Scar Heal Kits, ScarFX Silic...
  • Everything You Need to Know About Scar Revision Surgery

    Almost everyone has at least one scar; whether it’s from a cooking accident, surgical wound, traumatic injury, or another abrasion, a scar tells a story. Unfortunately, some of those stories are difficult to relive or leave an unsightly mark for us to remember them by. For individuals who wish to...
  • How To Treat Your Scar After Mohs Surgery

    Mohs surgery is considered the most effect treatment for melanoma and other types of skin cancer. Unfortunately, this procedure can leave behind a nasty scar, so you'll want to take steps towards learning how to heal scars right away. Learn how to treat Mohs surgery scars & why silicone scar products are the way to go.
  • How To Treat Burn Scars

    Will my burn result in a scar? Depends on the burn. Learn about the different types of burns, whether or they'll likely leave a scar from the burn damage, and how to treat burn scars with scar products that work!
  • Mastectomy 101: What To Expect From A Mastectomy & How To Deal With Mastectomy Scars

    When treating breast cancer, a simple lumpectomy (removing the cancerous tissues, or lumps) is often physician’s the go-to treatment. Sometimes, however, a lumpectomy is impossible due to the size, shape, or location of the tumor. When this is the case, your oncologist may recommend a mastectomy....
  • 5 Frequently Asked Questions About Keloid Scars

    Scarring is a natural result of healing in damaged skin, but that doesn’t mean you have to live with it. Unfortunately, even laparoscopic surgeries can cause scarring, especially if the surgical wound becomes stretched, infected, or heals improperly. Even though scars are normal, you, like the ma...
  • What Causes Scars?

    Most wounds will result in some sort of scar, and different bodies produce different types and severity of scarring. In this article, we will discuss in depth how scars form, types of scars, and treatment for your scars.
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