7 Tips for Healthy Summer Skin

Can we just say it? Summer is the best! It’s almost like everything is simply better from June to August. The weather is warm. The sky is sunny. During the summer, even ice cream tastes sweeter and feels colder. Isn’t summer just grand?

Yes, well it’s all well and good until you realize the unfortunate side effects of the greatest season of the year. Not to be a Debbie Downer, but all of it can be kind of terrible for your skin. The warm weather dries you out. The rays beat down, causing sunburn or irritation. Even the sweet, sensational ice cream contains ingredients that may cause you to break out. Don’t lock your door, close the window, and throw out the ice cream yet. Here are 7 tips for healthy summer skin:

1. Opt for SPF of 30 or Higher

This one is a no-brainer and probably on top of every list, you will ever see about taking care of your skin. The reason is, that it works! Wearing sunscreen is not optional, it is required if you want to have the healthy skin even into your later years. You are getting much more than a bronzed look when you soak up the sun on the beach. Even without sunburn and you can cause irreparable damage to your skin. So when it comes to whether or not to put on sunscreen always opt-in for SPF 30 or higher.

2. Protect the Money-maker: Use Products Made Just for Your Face

The skin on your face is more delicate than in other places, especially the area under your eyes. Any damage the sun may do to your arms or back can be intensified on your face. Be sure to use a special facial sunscreen anytime you go out, not just at the beach. Also, consider using an under eye cream at night to help repair any damage that may have been done during the day. That means you too guys!

3. Don’t Sweat Your Makeup

Maybe you are asking, “How can I have healthy skin and keep my make up on throughout the day in the summer?” No sweat! Pun intended. Using a silicone-based product, like Reujûvasil®, as a primer can keep your make up in place while also healing any discoloration or scarring. Bonus tip – be sure to wash your face before bed.

4. Invest in a Goofy Wide-Brimmed Hat

If you ever watch any nature show on Nat Geo, you will see one thing that all animals have in common. In the middle of the day, they will be in the shade. Of course, you can’t just hang out under a tree all day (that would be weird). However, you can carry your own shade with you by wearing a wide-brim hat. This can help protect your scalp and the skin on your face from those damaging rays.

5. Find Inexpensive Makeup Wipes and Use Them

How would you feel if someone covered you with a blanket all day and made you walk around? That’s how your skin feels when you don’t clean it properly. Make it a habit of wiping off your makeup every day when you get home from work. Going out for the evening? That’s fine. Wipe it off and reapply! It will look better and your skill will be happy and clean. Just make sure to re-wipe before you go to bed!

6. Take a Cold Shower

This one may seem a little awkward, but it has lots of benefits. Warm showers are great for relaxing after a long day of work. Unfortunately, the warm water can actually dry out your skin further especially after baking in the sun. Cold showers can tighten your pores helping to keep dirt out and moisture in. Taking cold showers can also help wake you up and are suprisingly very refreshing.

7. You Know What’s Coming: Drink Lots of Water

Mom’s favorite advice! From headaches to hunger, thirst to exhaustion, water really cures everything. It’s also great for your skin! There is a reason why this is mom’s go to. Try using a bottle with a straw or a fruit infusion water bottle. Whatever you do, DO NOT neglect the importance of staying hydrated on these hot, summer days.

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