3 Stretch Mark Creams that Actually Work

Stretch marks are a natural, part of growing at a fast pace. The causes of stretch marks can vary; sometimes stretch marks appear when a young person grows like a bean sprout or when a mom-to-be’s stomach expands quickly to make room for the new bundle of joy. Most often, stretch marks appear on the abdomen, thighs, buttocks, or breasts, all areas that have a tendency to stretch or expand during weight shifts, puberty, and pregnancy. Not only are you going through a major bodily change, many people carry around scars as proof.

Although stretch marks are completely normal, most people want to get rid of them as quickly as possible. While some all-natural remedies for stretch marks exist, many stretch mark creams will work to quickly and effectively reduce these unsightly lines. Often, something as easy as creams for stretch marks can help remove these lines while you sleep.

The Truth About Scars

Before everyone gets too excited about removing their scars, let’s take a moment to level set. Scars are permanent; plain and simple. A scar is a visible, lasting mark on the skin left by some sort of damage. But, there is good news. The appearance of scars can be dramatically improved to the point that they appear virtually invisible. One of the most important components of scar treatments is finding the best approach for treatment based on the type of skin damage. For the lines and discoloration caused by stretch marks, these three stretch mark creams are highly successful. They can help reduce the appearance of those un-commissioned tattoos that have appeared on your skin.

Prevent Stretch Marks Before they Appear

Guess who’s now offering a cream just for preventing and healing stretch marks? That’s right, Rejûvaskin! The all-new Resolve Stretch Mark Cream is created to keep stretch marks from forming and heal them after they have arrived. This stretch mark cream combines all sorts of scar fading, skin healing ingredients to give you the absolute best results. Calling all soon-to-be mommies, it may be time to start rubbing this on your tummies to avoid stretch marks before they appear. It’s paraben-free and ready to use after the first trimester.

It’s All About the Ingredients

Scar Esthetique Scar Creme with Silicone has been proven effective in reducing the appearance of not only surgical scars but stretch marks as well. With significantly more ingredients than the average scar cream – 19 to 20 more ingredients to be exact – patients have experienced success reducing even the most unsightly and discolored scars. It makes sense that Scar Esthetique can work on stretch marks, when it is designed to fade more permanent scars.

Old Habits Die Hard

And finally, what your grandmother probably used to smooth out her stretch marks, Palmer’s Cocoa Butter. This cream is not jam packed with cutting-edge scar reduction technology, the Vitamin D, collagen, and elastin can help smooth out stretch marks. For young children or women with particularly sensitive skin, this option is a strong choice.

If you are trying to squeeze every last ounce of scar treatment out of your cream, be sure to give yourself a massage when applying the treatment. The massaging motion will help to relax your skin and improve blood flow, all important components of healing scars. When searching for the perfect scar cream, always give your dermatologist a call. He or she will be able to give you advice for finding the best option for you.

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