4 Reasons Why You Need To Try Rejuvaskin’s New Anti-Pollution Cleanser

We’re excited to announce the launch of a much-anticipated product: Rejuvaskin’s Anti-Pollution Cleanser. Whether you realize it or not, pollution in the air can have harmful and lasting effects on your skin. As pollution levels continue to increase across the world, it’s important to begin proactively protecting the integrity of your skin. Tiny particles called particulate matter can cause dullness, uneven tone, premature aging, irritation, dehydration, acne, and issues such as eczema to the skin. Our uniquely designed formula helps remove these damaging particles and restore luminous, healthy skin.

What is an anti-pollution cleanser?

You might be wondering how an anti-pollution is different from a regular cleanser. In short, an anti-pollution cleanser works to put up a protective barrier on your skin against harmful particular matter found in the environment. Rejuvaskin’s new Anti-Pollution Cleanser is made up of ingredients that fight free radicals and particulate matter in the atmosphere. It’s a powerful product packed with ingredients specifically designed to protect your skin from the damaging pollution it encounters every day.

There are lots of reasons to love our Anti-Pollution Cleanser, but here are our top four.

Reason #1: Anti-Pollution Ingredients

Our cleanser helps you protect your skin by absorbing and neutralizing free radicals to help prevent pollution-induced damages such as irritation, acne, dehydration, and more. Rejuvaskin’s Anti-Pollution cleanser contains natural products that fight pollution such as Exo-P™, which is considered the gold standard in ingredients for the best facial cleansers to fight pollution. Exo-P™ provides a protective barrier against urban pollution and smog and is comprised of exopolysaccharides found naturally in French Polynesia.

Reason #2: It’s Gentle for Most Skin Types

This unique formula helps cleanse your skin of damaging particles, dirt, dust, grime, makeup and almost anything else that ends up on your face throughout the day and is gentle for everyday use on most skin types.

Reason #3: Lemongrass Scent

One of the best things about our Anti-Pollution Cleanser is its fresh, crisp lemongrass scent! The refreshing lemongrass smell is completely natural and comes from a subtle hint of lemongrass essential oil, which offers anti-bacterial, anti-fungal, anti-inflammatory, and antioxidant properties.

Reason #4: It Works

Washing your face with a powerful cleanser is the one surefire way to remove harmful toxins and pollutants from the skin. Anti-pollution skincare products containing ingredients like adaptogens and antioxidants are proven to protect your skin against damage by reducing the bond of particulate matter to the skin and by lessening damage from heavy metals found in particulate matter.

Let’s face it, you can’t stay inside all day hiding from pollution. But what you can do is arm yourself with a skincare regimen that will work to fight the harmful effects of pollution and protect your skin.