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So, you’re interested in learning more about Rejuvaskin? Thanks for checking us out! We want to help answer any questions you may have. That’s why we created this page. You can use the links below to request stocking information, request samples for review, or ask us a general question. Keep scrolling for product information, an explanation of our product review program, or general information about Rejuvaskin.

The Products

Scar Heal Kit for C-section or Knee Replacements


A comprehensive solution to scar management that combines silicone sheeting and silicone gel to help prevent and improve scars. The Scar Heal Kit is easy-to-use and produces the best outcome for your patient’s scar.

  • Available in surgery-specific combinations to target scars
  • Provides around the clock coverage to maximize the result
  • Gives the patient an easy-to-use day/night system for better compliance
  • Each Kit can be used for a duration of 30-45 days
Scar Fx Silicone Sheet for Mastopexy, Breast Augmentation, or Breast Lift


Silicone scar sheeting designed to soften and flatten raised scarring and help prevent surgical scars from forming. The International Advisory Panel on Scar Management recognizes silicone sheeting as the primary treatment option for post-surgical scarring.

  • Scar Fx is made of 100% Healthcare Grade Silicone
  • The silicone is durable, self-adhering, and contours to the body
  • Each sheet can be washed and reused for 30-45 days
  • Available in 13 surgery-specific sizes
Silicone Scar Gel, Rejuvasil, Silicone Gel


A silicone gel designed to soften and flatten raised scarring. RejuvaSil mimics the healing mechanism of silicone sheeting by forming a semi-occlusive layer of silicone over the scar.

  • 97% Liquid Silicone plus key ingredients Vitamin C, Squalane, and Emu Oil
  • Provides a discreet alternative to silicone sheeting for daytime use
  • Dries clear, odorless, and water resistant
  • Easy application and gentle formula for pediatric and facial scars
Silicone Scar Cream, Scar Estheitque, Scar Cream, Silicone Cream


An ingredient-packed silicone scar cream designed to soften and brighten your patient’s scar. Scar Esthetique targets discoloration (hyperpigmentation) and supports overall skin health.

  • Combines 23 effective ingredients for scarring including silicone
  • Key botanicals, polypeptides, and anti-oxidants nourish the skin
  • Targets discoloration at the cellular level to soften and brighten scars
  • Recommended for simple scars or scars older than 2 years
Rejuvaskin Skin Recovery Cream, Radiation Relief


A recovery cream designed to fortify, soothe, and nourish damaged skin. Developed for radiation relief, this cream combines botanicals and naturally occurring chemical compounds proven to support healthy skin.

  • Developed to help radiation patients maintain skin health through treatment
  • Combines proven ingredients such as calendula, hyaluronic acid, and aloe
  • Proprietary blend of bamboo, pea, and glucosamine boosts collagen production
  • Also effective for after-sun care, eczema, and extreme dry skin
Rejuvaskin Stretch Mark Cream


A stretch mark cream developed with new mothers in mind that helps reduce the likelihood of developing stretch marks and minimize the appearance of those that have already occurred.

  • Developed for new moms – helpful for stretch marks from any cause
  • Combines key botanicals with polypeptides and ceramides
  • Paraben-free formula safe for use after the first trimester
  • Fragrance-free and easily absorbed
Rejuvaskin Anti-pollution Cleanser Sample Size


A gentle cleanser designed to protect the skin from pollution by removing damaging particulate matter and fighting the activity of free radicals. Helps prevent pollution-induced dullness, uneven tone, premature aging, dehydration, irritation and acne.

  • Nature-inspired mechanism to remove and protect against pollution
  • Absorbs and neutralizes free-radicals
  • Lemongrass essential oil that gives the cleanser a fresh scent
  • Gentle cleansing formula safe for all skin types

Our Product Review Program


Start by completing this form with your best contact information and the product(s) you are interested in. It’s very important you give us the best email and phone number, so that we can confirm your submission.


Once you complete the form, we will contact you to confirm your submission and work out the best mode of delivery. We want to make sure your product(s) make it in to your hands so they can be reviewed.


Once your request is confirmed and delivery is scheduled, you’re good to go. Someone from our team will prep your package and deliver it to you for your review. We’ll give you a few days, then check in to see what you think!

What Others Say about Rejûvaskin


I can say that we have strongly recommended Scar Heal products for our plastic surgery patients for the past 5 years. With optimal surgical techniques along with the Scar Heal products we are able to obtain the best results possible. From small children to adults they are user friendly and are an affordable, reliable and safe treatment.


I have been providing Rejuvaskin products to my patients for over 10 years with consistent, positive results.


I had a patient who had a lumpectomy and received 26 radiation treatments. That patient just finished treatment and had zero redness with the Skin Recovery Cream. I really loved it and the texture is amazing. We have another moisturizer that drags across the skin, this just simply glides!

Why Silicone for Scars?

According to the International Advisory Panel on Scar Management, silicone is the gold standard for non-invasive scar therapy. Plastic Surgeons use silicone as a way to prevent and manage unwanted scarring. It is a safe, effective, and affordable solution for any patient. Silicone, and our other ingredients, are backed by science and supported by studies. Use the link to view studies relating to our product line.

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