What Causes Scars?

Scars are a natural part of your body’s response to trauma or injury. A scar results when your body attempts to heal the wound through biological processes that aim to repair the skin and the [...]


3 Types Of Scars & How To Treat Them

Your skin is the first thing that the world sees. A sudden rip, simple tear, or blemish can make a big impact on how your skin looks and feels.  It can also leave you feeling less than content [...]


What Is A Keloid Scar?

Everyone’s skin scars after an injury or surgery, but not everyone scars the same. Different skin types heal in different ways, and while some people may see minimal scarring, other people may [...]


5 Key Ingredients For Scar Management

Scars can be caused by anything from bug bites and acne to major injuries and surgery. If you’ve ever experienced difficult or persistent scarring, chances are you’ve looking into scar creams, [...]


How to Get Rid of Old Scars

Welcome to 2018! If you are like many people around the world you have already made a list of ways that you want to improve in the New Year. Maybe you want to lose weight. It could be that you’re [...]

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