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How soon after surgery can I use Scar Fx® silicone scar therapy?

As soon as the wound is closed, dry and the sutures or staples are removed.

How often do I need to purchase Scar Fx® Silicone Scar Therapy?

One piece of Scar Fx® Silicone Therapy should last for the lifetime of your scar therapy treatment.

What causes scars or scarring of the skin?

Visible scars are the results of over- and under-production of collagen after trauma to the skin. The more your body over-produces collagen, the larger and more discolored the scar becomes.

Are there different types of scars?

The most severe scars are called Hypertrophic or Keloid scars. These type of scars tend to be harder, non-elastic and have tightness in the skin area.
The scars are raised, thick and discolored purple or red. Hypertrophic scars are confined to the wound area. Keloid scars are similar to Hypertrophic scars, except that they extend beyond the boundaries of the original wound.

> Recommended Scar Gel for Keloid Scars: Rejuvasil Scar Gel 15 ml
> Recommended Scar Cream for Keloid Scars: Scar Esthetique Scar Creme 30 ml

What is Scar Fx® Silicone Scar Therapy and its formulation?

A soft, pliable, transparent medically formulated silicone sheet. It’s base is the highest grade of medical silicone available in the world. It is made from all NATURAL INGREDIENTS. It is manufactured in a clean-room environment.

Are there clinical studies on scar treatment?

Yes, there are many clinical studies on scar treatment available. In addition, your local library or the “World Wide Web” is an excellent source in researching silicone sheeting for use in scar management.

How does Scar FX® Silicone Sheets work on scars?

It shows that continual, consistent use of the product reduces the scarred area. Clinical studies are available that explain in more detail how this process works.

Does Scar Fx® Silicone gel sheeting scar therapy have any side effects and is it safe for children?

As with any topical application, the potential for contact dermatitis or sweat reaction exists. Should a reaction occur, discontinue use and consult your physician.
Scar Fx® Silicone Gel Sheeting Scar Therapy is safe for children. For children under the age of 5, wrap the silicone in place to prevent a choking hazard.

Once Scar Fx® Silicone Gel Sheeting Scar Therapy reduces the scar, will it return?

No patient has reported a recurrence of their scar after using this technology. However, as with plastic surgery, some evidence of the scar will always remain.

What is Scar Heal® Inc’s return policy?

Scar Heal, Inc. has the most liberal return policy in the industry today. Returns can be accepted anytime without a time restriction. We will credit your account for any returns received back at our company. Freight is not refundable.

Will Scar Fx® Silicone Gel Sheeting Scar Therapy work on all scars?

It works on Hypertrophic and Keloid scars, scars caused by burns and surgical scars where the scar’s age is not a factor.

Who makes and distributes Scar Fx® Silicone Gel Sheeting Scar Therapy?

It is made in the USA, and was developed by Specialty Systems, Inc./Scar Heal, Inc. It is marketed through Pharmacies and Physicans in the U.S. and is also sold worldwide.

What is the usage time of Scar Fx® Silicone Scar Therapy?

Use the product daily, a minimum of 8-12 hours. Results can be seen in some cases within a few days, but may take several weeks to months until achieving optimal results.

What is normal skin?

Skin is the largest organ of the human body. It makes up about 15% of your total body weight. It is important as it is your first line of defense against germs, protects the internal parts of your body, prevents water loss and protects your body from the damaging sun. Your skin consists of three layers. The epidermis is the outside layer.
The dermis is the middle layer and has your nerves, sweat glands and blood vessels. The subcutaneous layer is the inner layer that contains supporting fibers and larger blood vessels.

Why do scars happen?

Trauma to the skin can effect at least one layer of skin. The healing process occurs immediately as does bleeding. The bleeding is stopped by blood clot formation. The area then becomes swollen and sore. As the skin heals, small tissue fibers form, eventually becoming solid tissue that may or may not form a scar.

Why do only some people develop scars?

Scarring is part of the natural healing process. Some people are more likely to get scars as a result of their personal history or medical conditions. Other factors that lead to the development of scars are poor nutrition, skin coloration and age.

Why do our scar treatment products work?

Here are 2 theories as to why the product works: The skin attempts to maintain or re-achieve its homeostasis and probably sends too many fibroblasts to the wound.
This accounts for why they mount up in their random fashion. There also exists a certain tension on the skin. If one were to lightly touch a drop of liquid mercury, it can be done without disturbing its shape due to its high degree of surface tension. This is a possible factor the skin takes into account with the Scar Fx® product.
The other theory is that the Scar Fx® Silicone Scar Therapy effect on scar tissue is due to the generation of static electricity between the scar and the silicone sheet. This charge provides a stimulus to the collagen that has been overproduced. It is this overproduction that provides this visible scar. This stimulation caused the skin to sort of wake up and realize it is abnormal. The result is a softer and smoother scar as well as being less noticeable

Do silicone scar sheets work?

Silicone scar sheets help keep a scar hydrated, making it more likely to heal. The sheeting also helps keep the area clean and free of bacteria, while still allowing oxygen to reach the skin. The support provided by the silicone sheet also helps keep the scar from stretching.

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What is the Rejuvaskin Return & Refund Policy?

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Can I read Scar Fx® reviews or see before and after photos?

Absolutely! Before and after photos for patients who have used Scar Fx® silicone sheets and other scar treatment products can be seen on our Before & After Scar Treatment Photo page. You can also check out some of our patient reviews on the testimonial page. These photos and testimonials are shared by customers who use our products and physicians who recommend them.

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