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Science Meets Healthy Skincare

For over thirty years, Rejuvaskin has provided skin health products to medical professionals and patients worldwide. During that time we have learned, expanded, redefined, and understood more and more what it means to be a Healthy Skincare Company.

We use gentle, high-quality ingredients & effective solutions to address concerns like scar management, healthy aging and to promote overall skin health. Our expert team innovates to deliver cutting-edge products that help you reveal your natural beauty with confidence.

Our Commitment To You & Your Skin

Trust In The Professionals

We don't have all the answers, but we have a network of experts to help. We consult with doctors, nurses, and chemists for each product. Your feedback matters too, as many of our products are inspired by people... including YOU!

Use Science-Backed Ingredients

Each formula is backed by scientific evidence. Every ingredient is thoughtfully selected to target your needs & improve skin health. We stress natural and pure products, verified by third-party sources, like The Good Face Project.

Products Manufactured In The USA

Our products are accessible internationally, but are carefully crafted in FDA-licensed facilities in the USA. We value our reputation for high-quality production, facilitating sales in over 70 countries.

Make A Difference In The World

We're dedicated to improving our communities & helping our patients. Supporting trauma patients, assisting individuals, & preserving the environment are our commitments to global change.

Spread Positivity & Good Juju

This one is all about having respect for our fellow humans, and having fun along the way! When we feel accepted & appreciated as we are, we’re able to blossom into our best selves— both on & off the clock.

Core Values We Believe In


Experience unwavering quality in every product and ingredient.


Ensuring we are providing the best care & knowledge available to share with our patients.


Ever-lasting dedication & commitment to providing the best healthy skin care for everyone.


Rejûvaskin embraces high standards always striving to present you the safest, most effective solutions.


Sharing the love, knowledge & positivity or as our CEO calls it "SPREAD GOOD JUJU"🤪

Meet Rejuvaskin's CEO: Chris Christenberry 🥇

introduction to rejuvaskin's ceo

Chris Christenberry

The energetic CEO of Rejuvaskin, is not your typical executive. Chris has 30+ years of experience in the healthcare industry & has been instrumental in the growth and development of Rejuvaskin.

His passion for skin healing and playing key roles in product creation helped expand Rejûvaskin to offer physician-recommended products worldwide.

Chris’s vision and leadership continues to guide us as we strive to heal our largest organ, the skin.

Chris christenberry | Rejuvaskin's CEO


Chris has a career spanning 30 years in the healthcare industry, working in both public and private companies. He has built several healthcare businesses, ranging from a national chain of imaging clinics to a healthcare IT firm.

Chris is a healthcare veteran who’s as comfortable in the boardroom as he is hiking, cycling, and any other activity outdoors!

Chris christenberry | Rejuvaskin's CEO

Personal Hobbies...

When he’s not steering Rejûvaskin towards new horizons, you might find Chris

  • Spending time with his family as a confirmed Father & Grandfather
  • Enjoying the outdoors either Hiking, Golfing, Cycling, Hunting, Running
  • Researching tech advancements
  • Aspiring Astronaut
  • Experiencing the effects of cupping and blood flow


Our Vision

"Rejuvaskin stands out in the skincare industry with its unique focus on skin healing rather than cosmetics.

Our products are designed with the utmost attention to detail, ensuring they promote the natural healing process of the skin. We believe in the importance of caring for our largest organ and are committed to providing products that do just that.

Unlike many big-name companies, we prioritize the use of safe and effective ingredients in our products. Our commitment to skin health and healing sets us apart in the skincare industry."

Rejuvaskin's Solutions
We provide science-backed, effective solutions for skin health concerns including Scar Management , Dry Skin , Healthy Aging , Everyday Skincare Routines & more!

Healthy Skincare Resources


Healthy Skin School

Stop by our Healthy Skin School for insights on healthy skincare myths & facts, crafting a skincare routine, and more!

Personalized Customer Support

Our resource center is a great place to search for any questions, product ingredients & guides!

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Healthy Skin Tips, Tricks, Trends

Head over to our Healthy Skin Blog to learn about ingredients, stories, scar management FAQS & much more!