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C-Section Awareness Month

C-Section Awareness Month

As one of the most intensive surgeries to heal from, c-section scarring can be quite dramatic. Lessen their appearance with our C-Section Scar Heal Kits鈥 now 10% OFF all month long!


The Do鈥檚 & Don鈥檛s Of C-Section Recovery

Having a c-section is a major surgery鈥 make sure you鈥檙e taking it easy and doing everything you can (and avoiding everything you shouldn鈥檛) to ensure a healthy recovery.


Meet the Rej没vaskin Facial Cleanser

Our Anti-Pollution Cleanser is now the Rej没vaskin Facial Cleanser鈥 she鈥檚 back and better than ever, with a bigger bottle, improved formula, and lower price! 馃ぉ 馃
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Never Let Your Skin Go Thirsty

Our Dry Skin Essentials鈥 featuring the NEW Rej没vaskin Facial Cleanser, ReVita-D Facial Moisturizer & Skin Recovery Cream鈥 help treat dryness at the source, with a happy, healthy, hydrated skin barrier!

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We provide science-backed, effective solutions for skin health concerns including Scar Management
, Radiation Cream , Healthy Aging , Everyday Skincare Routines & much, much more!

Ingredient Spotlight

Meet Exo-P

One of the star players of our Rej没vaskin Facial Cleanser is an exopolysaccharide called Exo-P鈥 scientifically known as Alteromonas Ferment Extract.

Harvested from the pristine waters of French Polynesia, Exo-P鈩 is nature's shield against the invisible enemy of urban life: pollution. This remarkable exopolysaccharide forms a protective barrier on your skin, effectively preventing pollution particles from causing damage.

This聽significantly reduces the adhesion of particulate matter, those tiny, damaging particles found in smog and air pollution, safeguarding your skin from

  • Irritation
  • Dryness
  • Exacerbates acne
  • Soothes聽eczema聽& other skin sensitivities
  • Premature Aging

鈥嬧婭ncorporate Exo-P into your daily routine with our NEW & IMPROVED!聽Facial Cleanser for a powerful defense against the environmental stressors of modern life!

Real People, Real Results

Silicone is an effective option for scar management and is recognized as a top choice for surgical and traumatic scars.

Our Scar Heal product line offers physician-approved solutions for troublesome scarring, aiming to prevent significant scars and enhance their appearance.

Let's Talk Healthy Skin!

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