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When To Use Sunscreen In Your Skincare Routine

When To Use Sunscreen In Your Skincare Routine

Every year as the autumn season settles in, many people start to phase out their sunscreen usage, thinking they no longer need it— the sunniest days of the year are behind us after all! 

We’re here to tell you not to do that. If you haven’t heard, UV radiation is actually around all year long. That’s right; this means that you shouldn’t ditch the sunscreen when the air starts to get cooler. Using sunscreen year-round will keep you protected from skin cancer and early signs of aging (like fine lines & wrinkles).

In this blog, we’re going to talk about how to use sunscreen in your routine, answering questions like which goes on first, sunscreen or moisturizer, is SPF in my makeup enough, and how to add sunscreen to your skincare routine. Let’s jump right in.

Common Questions About Sunscreen:

Which Goes On First, Sunscreen or Moisturizer?

It might seem like it doesn’t matter which order you apply your sunscreen in relation to your other skincare ingredients, but it actually does make a difference. See, sunscreen is meant to be a layer of defense against the sun’s UV rays. It doesn’t necessarily soak into your skin (especially if it’s a mineral– but this is actually better for your skin), so in theory you can put it in whichever layer you like.

However, your other skincare ingredients will be most effective if you put your sunscreen on in the last layer before your makeup. So, to answer this question, apply your moisturizer before you put on sunscreen.

Is SPF In My Makeup Enough?

Pretty much every makeup foundation nowadays has a little bit of SPF protection in it. However, is this enough to keep your skin safe year-round? The experts say “absolutely not.” There are two main problems with relying on makeup for UV protection.

  1. The SPF is so low it will be broken down within a short time in direct sun.
  2. Makeup does not typically get reapplied as often as sunscreen needs to.

For these reasons, dermatologists recommend using a higher-SPF sunscreen underneath your makeup to help when your foundation’s SPF becomes used up.

What Should I Look For In A Daily Sunscreen?

The best sunscreen for you is one that works well with the rest of your routine. There are hundreds of different types of sunscreens out there, and it might be overwhelming to try to find one that works for you. Take a look at what skincare products already work well with your skin type and go from there.

Dermatologists recommend a daily SPF of about 15-30. If you aren’t able to reapply your sunscreen because of makeup, you might want to see if a higher SPF will work for you.

How To Add Sunscreen To Your Skincare Routine

First and foremost, start with great sunscreen. We recommend a physical sunscreen rather than a chemical one. We have an awesome Mineral Sunscreen that fits the bill – and it’s non-greasy! Basically, protecting your skin is as easy as finding a sunscreen that’s right for you and working it into your skincare routine – apply it just before you apply your makeup and you’ll be good to go for the day!