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Recovering From A C-Section

Recovering From A C-Section

Childbirth is one of the most natural and exciting things in the world, but it can take a toll on a new woman both physically and mentally, especially if a cesarean section or C-section is involved. Recovering from a C-section poses some unique issues apart from giving birth in general. Below, we will talk about C-section recovery including minimizing scarring, when you can return to everyday activities, and other notable parts of C-section recovery.

What happens during a C-section?

A woman may undergo a C-section as opposed to natural childbirth for a number of reasons. She may choose a c-section or it may be suggested to her by her doctor as a necessity. A C-section is a surgical procedure used to deliver the baby through an incision made in the abdomen. C-sections are very common鈥攊t鈥檚 estimated that one in three babies is delivered this way.

C-Section Recovery

A C-section is considered major surgery and will require rest and downtime鈥攖wo things that are often luxuries for new mothers. Since recovery depends on taking care of yourself mentally and physically, this will require asking for help from friends and relatives and sneaking naps whenever your baby is also napping. It can take up to 8 weeks to return to your normal activities after a C-section, and your doctor will likely recommend that you avoid climbing stairs often or lifting anything heavier than your baby.

As much as you want to focus your full attention on your baby, it鈥檚 important to take care of yourself. Try to fit in time for self-care activities, because you are the best mom when you are at your best mentally.

How to Heal a C-section Scar

One major difference between natural childbirth and a c-section is that the baby is taken out of the abdomen. As mentioned, your doctor will need to make an incision across your abdomen. This incision will become a scar a few inches wide. Many women wonder about C-section scar treatment to minimize the look and feel of their C-section scar after the procedure. The good news is there are products out there that can help. Rejuvaskin offers a specialized C-section scar heal kit, which is designed for use on C-Section scars. The kit includes a silicone sheet, which is considered the gold standard for softening and flattening problem scarring, as well as a silicone scar gel for daytime and long-term use. These products are safe and easy to use immediately after your C-section.

As a mom, we want your first priority to be taking care of yourself and your new baby after the C-section, not worrying about your scarring. Check out Rejuvaskin鈥檚 C-Section Scar Kit and get back to being the best mom you can be!