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How To Manage Facial Scars

How To Manage Facial Scars

Facial scars really get a bad rap. Film and literature are both full of notorious individuals marked by this common conspicuous characteristic. This is an unfortunate correlation that really shouldn鈥檛 affect how we feel about our scars. After all, there are plenty of good guys with scars too! I.E. Harry Potter.

Facial scars are not something to be ashamed of. They often tell stories and have meaning that transcends an individual鈥檚 appearance. Scars can recall the fondest of memories or be reminders to take precaution in precarious situations. Whatever your scar means to you or how you feel about it, it鈥檚 important to know that if you don鈥檛 want it to show, it doesn鈥檛 have to. Here are three ways you can mange the appearance of facial scars.

Use Makeup To Cover Your Scar

The easiest thing you can do to hide your scar is cover it up. Makeup offers a quick and simple solution to minimizing the appearance of your facial scar. Often times, it doesn鈥檛 even interfere with your normal routine. You will, however, want to make sure you are covering it up with the right products. Make sure that you use a full coverage foundation, so that your scar doesn鈥檛 show through.

Switch Up Your Look To Hide Your Scar

Another solution to hiding your scar would be to change up your look. If your scar is on your forehead you could grow out your bangs. For men, a beard or sideburns can cover up facial scars. You may also consider clothing that could cover up your scar. If your scar is in a prominent location, you can add jewelry to your wardrobe as a distraction from your scar. Like make up, this option will give you a way to cover up your scar, but what about a more permanent solution.

Apply Silicone Scar Gel聽To Minimize Your Scar

One of the best options for facial scar minimization is to use silicone scar gel. Silicone is the best ingredient for scar management. When applied in the form of a gel, silicone creates a semi-occlusive barrier over the scar that limits water loss, resulting in a soft, flat, pale scar. Silicone gels dry clear and smooth on the skin. Since silicone gel is unnoticeable it is great for use on prominent scars. You can also apply makeup and sunscreen over silicone gel after it has dried. Silicone scar gel can help reduce the appearance of your scar by actually getting rid of it.

Whatever method you choose to try it is important to remember that you shouldn鈥檛 be ashamed of your scar. However, there are ways that you can minimize their appearance. It鈥檚 all about how you want to deal with it. After all, it is your skin.