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The Best Valentine’s Day Skin Care Routine Ever

The Best Valentine’s Day Skin Care Routine Ever

Valentine’s Day is nearly upon us—or perhaps Galentine’s Day for those of us without a partner. Whether you’re planning a romantic evening with someone special or simply a night in with your friends, you’ll want to look your best, which should include a glowing, radiant complexion. Here is our favorite Valentine’s Day-worthy skincare routine that is great to do whatever you plan to do. 

Step #1: Wash the Day Off

Before your big night out or relaxing night in, the first thing you should do is wash off the day’s impurities. Throughout the day dust, dirt, small particles of pollution, and much more settle onto your skin. These particles can cause dryness, irritation, and premature aging, so it’s best to wash them away with a quality cleanser before you do anything else. Rejuvaskin offers a great anti-pollution cleanser created specifically for completely washing the day off!

Step #2: Tend to Your Eyes

Next up is adding in your eye cream to moisturize the delicate skin beneath the eye and to prevent premature aging in that area. After cleansing your face, gently apply some of the Rejuvaskin Anti-Aging Eye Cream to help prevent fine lines and wrinkles around the eyes.

Step #3: Work in a Mask

If you have time before your evening out, or if you are staying in with friends, consider using a face mask! Hydrating face masks are a great way to get a concentration of vitamins and minerals into the skin in one fell swoop. Plus, they feel great on the skin! 

Step #4: Don’t Forget Moisturizer

Lastly, don’t forget to moisturize your face. Moisturizer can be used beneath your makeup or alone, but it should be applied as the last step of your routine. The winter months can be harsh on the skin, so using a rich anti-aging serum or moisturizer can prevent your skin from looking dull. 

That was easy, right? Whether you’re prepping for a big Valentine’s night out or an evening in, your skin game will be on point with this proven skincare routine!