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Dry Skin Giveaway

This month on Instagram (@rejuvaskin) we want to help you fight the dry winter air with our Skin Recovery Cream! Try out this nourishing, ultra-hydrating cream for yourself & share your experience! Each post will be entered to win a FREE supply of Skin Recovery Cream for the rest of the year!

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Win A FREE Supply of Skin Recovery Cream For The Rest of the Year!

Winners will receive a monthly subscription for a FREE tube of Skin Recovery Cream for the remainder of 2024, starting in March

1. Use SRC!

Be sure to bundle up & hydrate! Start out by using your Skin Recovery Cream to soothe & moisturize your skin from the dry touch of winter— and see how well your skin health improves from using it!

2. Share Your Story

Make a post on Instagram (a reel, video, feed post, etc.) telling us about your experience! What were your favorite things about Skin Recovery Cream? How does your skin feel now? We’re all ears!
(Be sure to tag us @rejuvaskin)

3. Submit Your Entry

Finalize your giveaway entry by filling out the “Dry Skin Challenge” form with your name, email, and a link to your instagram post.

(Find the form below or at the link in our Instagram bio)

4. Keep Using SRC All Winter Long!

Keep Using SRC All Winter Long!We’ll announce our winner at the end of the month— Thursday, Feb 29. In the meantime, keep your skin ultra-hydrated with Skin Recovery Cream!

Nourishing, Ultra Hydrating Skin Recovery Cream

LAST CHANCE: 15% OFF Until 2/4

Rejûvaskin Skin Recovery Cream

$29.95 | $25.46


What's Inside Our Skin Recovery Cream?

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Skin Recovery Cream

Cold air lacks moisture— and indoor heaters make this even worse. As you might expect, this dry air can pretty easily dry out your skin, compromising the integrity of your skin barrier. Our Skin Recovery Cream works to boost your skin’s moisture levels while fortifying the strength of your skin— giving you comfortable, hydrated skin all day long.

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