Scar Fx® Silicone Scar Sheeting

Silicone Sheeting is the gold standard for treating scars. Our self-adhesive silicone scar sheets are recommended by physicians all over the world.

Scar Fx® Silicone Scar Sheets

Scar Fx® Silicone Sheeting physician recommended scar treatment.

Scar Heal’s Scar Fx® Silicone Scar Sheeting technology has been a preferred scar management product for dermatologists and plastic surgeons over the last 10 years. Silicone is considered the gold star ingredient for the treatment of scars on all skin types. Our silicone sheets for scars have shown positive results on scars up to 16 years old and are great for all skin types, especially those that form hypertrophic and keloid scars. Scar Fx® Silicone Sheeting comes in different shapes and sizes to best fit your scar healing needs. You can also purchase our silicone scar sheets as a part of our scar treatment kits to maximize your scar management regimen.

Why choose Silicone Sheeting to treat my scar?

Silicone sheeting is the most recommended treatment option for scars by plastic surgeons and dermatologists. Silicone is the gold standard ingredient for healing scars. Our scar sheets are 100% silicone! There is no better option for minimizing the appearance of scars than silicone sheeting.

How does Silicone Sheeting work?

When you place a sheet of Scar Fx® over you clean and dry scar it creates an occlusive layer over the skin. This layer stops water loss and reduces collagen production resulting in a softer, flatter, paler scar.

Who should use Silicone Sheeting?

Silicone sheeting is most effective the earlier you can begin treatment. With 13 unique sizes our silicone scar sheets ensure a precise fit for almost any application. Scar Fx® is great solution for patients after breast enlargement, breast reduction, Caesarean Section, Abdominoplasty and many general surgical procedures.

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