Basics Routine

Brighten and nourish your skin with a healthy mix of superfoods, herbal extracts, hydration boosters and gentle retinoids.

3 Step Routine

1. Cleanse: Remove daily build-up and fight against pollution induced damages with our NEW! Facial Cleanser.

2. Hydrate: Lock-in moisture for a smoother, healthier look with ReVita-D Facial Moisturizer.

3. Protect: Prevent sunburn and skin damage from harmful UV rays with 100% Mineral Facial Sunscreen.

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Where Does Squalane Come From? || what does squalane do for your skin, what is squalane made of

Where Does Squalane Come From?

Squalane is fairly common skincare ingredient that is great for helping moisturize your skin— however many people hesitate to use it because of its traditional sourcing from sharks. Today, however,...

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