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No matter the size, shape, or color of your scar we have something that can help get rid of it. Our products are recommended by dermatologists and plastic surgeons around the world. Find what works for you!

Scar Esthetique® Scar Cream with Silicone

Scar Esthetique® is the most ingredient packed scar treatment on the market with 23 active ingredients. For your most simple scars (flat and discolored) this is the best product available. This silicone-based scar crème specializes in managing the color of the scar and hyperpigmentation. Scar Esthetique® is also our recommended long term scar treatment. With this scar cream it’s all about the ingredients!

Key Features:
Contains 23 active ingredients
Arnica and Vitamin C support overall skin health
Best option for old scars and long-term scar management
Great for managing simple, flat scars and hyperpigmentation
Greaseless and easily absorbed

RejûvaSil® Silicone Scar Gel

RejuvaSil® offers a pleasant approach to minimizing the appearance of scars. This scar gel is 97% silicone and applies the same science to scar healing as silicone sheeting. The occlusive barrier created by RejuvaSil® softens and flattens any scar. This silicone scar gel goes on clear and dries with no sticky residue. You will forget RejûvaSil is even there!

Key Features:
97% Liquid Silicone
Best alternative to silicone sheeting available
Softens and flattens raised scars
Safe for facial use (non-comedogenic) and use by children
Dries clear with no sticky residue

Scar Fx® Silicone Sheeting

Scar Fx® is designed to flatten and soften even the most difficult scars. Silicone scar sheets are the number one recommended scar management product by physicians. Our self-adhesive scar sheets are 100% silicone, the gold standard ingredient in scar management. Scar Fx® comes in 13 different sizes giving you the most targeted approach to minimizing your scar.

Key Features:
100% Medical Grade Silicone
Softens and flattens raised scars
Reduces redness and discoloration
Recommended by physicians worldwide
13 uniquely sized self-adhesive strips

About Rejûvaskin®

A Little About Rejûvaskin

Rejûvaskin® Scar Heal started in scar management 30 years ago in Largo, FL. Our scar products have helped heal over 4 million scars and are available in over 60 countries around the world. Our passion is not just scars, but complete skin health. Now we offer a full line of skincare products because we truly believe that healthy skin is always in.

The Science Behind Our Skin Healing Products

So, what makes our skincare products different than all of the others? For us it’s all about the ingredients and the results. At Rejuvaskin, we combine the only the best ingredients giving you the most effective product available. Don’t take our word for it. We want you to see the science behind the madness. Shop all of our skincare products to learn how you can take the next step towards your healthiest skin.

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