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Product Spotlight: Rejûvaskin Skin Recovery Cream

Product Spotlight: Rejûvaskin Skin Recovery Cream

One of our latest products at Rejuvaskin is our Skin Recovery Cream. This super moisturizer was developed to soothe and nourish skin affected by radiation treatment and skin conditions such as eczema. 

What Is In Skin Recovery Cream?

The formula combines ingredients that help soothe and nourish the skin without causing further irritation. It also is free of fragrance and preservatives that may cause a reaction. We included many familiar ingredients such as calendula, aloe leaf, and hyaluronic acid proven to soothe and moisturize skin. The recovery cream also contains a proprietary blend of bamboo, pea, and glucosamine which is a proven precursor to collagen formation. Collagen is key to the growth and repair of the skin.

What Can Skin Recovery Cream Be Used For?


Does your patient suffer from eczema? Proper moisturization is essential for those with eczema because the damaged skin barrier makes it harder for their skin to retain water. Calendula, aloe, and hyaluronic acid are all fantastic moisturizers within Skin Recovery Cream that can be used on any part of the body for any dryness-related issue.

General Dryness

Because of its hydrating properties, many people use our Skin Recovery Cream as a general moisturizer. Your patients might want to use it during the colder months when dry and cracked skin is more frequent. Or they can keep it at their sink as a lotion after washing! Skin Recovery Cream is sure to restore moisture to the skin regardless of where, when, or why it’s used.


In the summertime, plenty of people will be rushing to beaches and parks across the country to spend more time in the sun. As much as you advise regular SPF, patients will at some point spend too much time in the sun. Rejuvaskin Skin Recovery Cream helps soothe skin and provide much needed hydration when the sun dries you out. It is specifically formulated to help fortify, soothe, and revitalize skin.


Nearly 85% of individuals who undergo radiation therapy experience moderate to severe skin reactions during their treatment. We’ve created an aqueous cream that helps effectively deliver essential nutrients to the skin. This product works best when used two weeks prior to the first treatment. This helps condition and prepare the skin for the upcoming therapy. 

Sample Program

Interested in obtaining FREE samples of Skin Recovery Cream and other products for your patients? Complete this form to request free samples that we will send you weekly! Samples contain coupon codes for patients that can be applied on our website to ensure they get the best price possible.