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Ingredient Spotlight: The Benefits of Calendula Oil

Ingredient Spotlight: The Benefits of Calendula Oil

If you’ve ever spent some time reading the ingredients list for skincare products, you might have noticed a little ingredient called calendula oil. Most people don’t recognize this product as an extract of a common garden flower which is often used to keep deer away from fruit trees and vegetables. Since it can be so hard to recognize and identify some of the million-syllable words in skincare ingredient lists, Rejuvaskin tries to use all-natural, plant-derived ingredients where possible.

What Is Calendula Oil?

The plant that produces calendula oil (by an infusion method) is a flower you’ve probably seen before: the marigold. These beautiful, golden yellow, orange, or pink flowers have a strong, fragrant aroma; you might even be surprised to discover that marigolds are technically an herb for this reason. In fact, they’re also edible, which is why many people make tea from the flowers of the plant. Their most common use aside from gardening is in the production of calendula oil, a powerful ingredient in many skincare products.

Benefits of Calendula Oil

Aside from smelling wonderful, calendula oil has several benefits for skin care applications; this is why we love including it in our products.

The Many Helpful Properties of Calendula Oil

Of course, the benefits of calendula oil come from the marigold flower itself; this flower has antifungal, antiseptic, and anti-inflammatory properties, making it extremely useful as a natural medicine. Marigolds have actually been used for centuries in what is now known as “alternative medicine.” Perhaps the greatest thing about calendula oil is that its effects are gentle and effective, even for sensitive skin.

It Can Help With Radiation-Induced Dermatitis

Due to its anti-inflammatory properties, calendula oil is often used in products that might also contain aloe vera - such as sunburn lotions, eczema creams, and radiation burn creams. Here at Rejuvaskin, we’ve included this oil in our Skin Recovery Cream based on studies that suggest calendula has a unique ability to mitigate the damage caused by radiotherapy treatments. Calendula oil can also be used to help manage acne, contact dermatitis, and other skin conditions.

It Can Help Support Natural Skin Health

Many oils are used in skincare products as moisture-promoting ingredients, but few are as effective as calendula oil for maintaining a healthy, well-moisturized, youthful appearance to the skin. Additionally, it can help reduce the appearance of scarring, mainly through speeding up the wound healing process.

Calendula Oil and Skincare

We love calendula oil here at Rejuvaskin! It’s in many of our skincare products, from our Skin Recovery Cream to our Scar Esthetique Scar Cream. This all-natural, plant-derived ingredient works better than some of the most potent man-made chemicals, so why not use it in place of things we can’t pronounce?