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Ingredient Spotlight: Why We Love Ceramides

Ingredient Spotlight: Why We Love Ceramides

Here at Rejuvaskin, we love talking about the best moisturizing ingredients because we鈥檙e a skincare company! Today, we鈥檒l be taking a look at ceramides, what the benefits of ceramides are, and what ceramides do for your skin.

What Are Ceramides?

Ceramides are a naturally occurring lipid (fat) that makes up about 50% of our skin鈥檚 components. Just like collagen, ceramide production and presence naturally decreases as we age, contributing to the natural processes and appearance of aging skin. Ceramides (as you might suspect) play a major role in skin health.

What Do Ceramides Do For Your Skin?

Ceramides reside in the outermost layer of skin: the epidermis. They are responsible for the protection of the skin barrier from water loss by combining with cholesterol and other fatty acids. This combination creates a hydrophobic layer that both repels exterior water and keeps interior moisture within the skin. Furthermore, ceramides help your skin maintain its integrity; when this barrier breaks down, dryness, damage, and sores can arise.

What Are the Benefits of Ceramides?

When used topically, ceramides can have several benefits. However, it should be noted that there are risk factors associated with a high intake of foods that contain ceramides涓 ceramides used in this manner have been linked to heart disease. On the other hand, when used topically, ceramides can be extremely good for the skin. Some benefits include:

  • Reduction in acne symptoms
  • Reducing redness and irritation
  • Improvement for eczema, rosacea, and dermatitis sufferers
  • Relief for skin dryness
  • Prevention of dry skin
  • Decreasing inflammation in the skin

Are There Any Risks or Side Effects?

Those with wheat allergies need to be cognizant of where the ceramides were derived from. Some 鈥減lant鈥 ceramides come from wheat plants, while others have different sources. If you are concerned about this, make sure your product鈥檚 ceramides are sourced from a safe plant or animal product. Generally speaking, however, ceramides (since they are naturally present in our skin in the first place) are a safe addition to skincare products for all skin types.

Do You Have Products With Ceramides?

We certainly do! Here at Rejuvaskin, we love the hydrating, irritation-busting effects of ceramides and have included them as an ingredient in our Advanced Firming Cream and our Stretch Mark Cream. Ceramides are one of the best moisturizing ingredients for skincare products.聽 We鈥檝e formulated our products with only the highest quality ingredients so that your skin will thank you. Try our Advanced Firming Cream or Stretch Mark Cream today!