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What To Look For In A Gentle Cleanser

What To Look For In A Gentle Cleanser

Are you on the hunt for a gentle, soothing facial cleanser? If so, you may be wondering what the best cleanser ingredients are, how to choose a cleanser, and how to use a facial cleanser properly. In this blog post, we鈥檒l cover all of these things so that you can arm yourself with the knowledge before making the leap into a new cleanser product. (Also keep in mind as you read through this blog post, that face washes and facial cleansers are two different products.)

How To Choose A Cleanser

The very first thing you should ask yourself when you start shopping for a new facial cleanser is: what skin type do I have? The answer to this question will help you determine what type of cleanser you should try, how often you should use it, and what ingredients to avoid.聽

For example, oily skin types should try to avoid products that are oil-based (unless using oils is your strategy to reduce them naturally), whilst dry skin types should use some kind of oil-based products in their routine. Luckily, our Rejuvaskin聽Facial Cleanser is moisturizing enough for dry skin, gentle on sensitive skin, and oil-free for oily skin! (It鈥檚 seriously a game-changer, y鈥檃ll.)

The Best Cleanser Ingredients To Look For

When we decided to put together what we thought would be the most effective cleanser for all kinds of skin, we decided to rely on a few key ingredients. (And stay away from certain others.)

Aloe Vera

Everyone knows and loves aloe for its soothing properties. It鈥檚 no surprise, then, that our Rejuvaskin聽Facial Cleanser聽has aloe as one of the main ingredients! Aloe is a water-based ingredient that helps thicken facial cleansers and provides your skin some relief from a long day.


When you鈥檙e choosing a cleanser, the main goal of the product is to clean your skin and completely remove the dirt and grime from it. This is, in our opinion, best accomplished by using a facial cleanser that has a water base.

Pollution Protection

A key ingredient of any cleanser should be some form of pollution protection We use聽Alteromonas Ferment Extract (also known as EXO-P).

This is an exopolysaccharide found in French Polynesia聽growing in deep sea waters.聽We use it as our signature ingredient in our cleanser聽thank to its ability聽to form a barrier聽over the surface of your skin and expel damaging particulate matter.聽Research聽on this ingredient聽also specifies that it can聽help repair the skin barrier.

Cleanser Ingredients To Avoid

As you look for a great cleanser for your skin, try to avoid ingredients that will irritate your skin, like benzoyl peroxide, salicylic acid, and added fragrances 鈥 especially those that are engineered rather than essential oils and extracts.

How To Use A Facial Cleanser

Now that you鈥檝e picked your new facial cleanser, you might be wondering how to use it! Here are the steps you should use:

  1. Remove your makeup, if you are wearing any.
  2. Wet your face with warm water, rinsing away any dirt that might be on top of your skin.
  3. Get a small amount of cleanser (usually the size of a dime), lather it in your hands, then apply it to your skin.
  4. Work the cleanser into your skin without scrubbing. Your fingertips will work just fine for this.
  5. Rinse your face thoroughly.
  6. Pat dry with a towel and do not rub your skin.

About the Rejuvaskin聽Facial聽Cleanser

Incorporating gentle cleanser into your skincare routine is a crucial part of maintaining healthy skin. With gentle, soothing ingredients, our Rejuvaskin聽Facial Cleanser聽not only helps you 鈥渞emove the day鈥, but also protects your skin from the damage of future irritants. Using a nature-inspired mechanism, our unique cleanser protects your skin by absorbing and neutralizing free radicals to help prevent pollution-induced damages such as irritation, acne, dehydration, and more.