• Ingredient Spotlight: The Benefits of Calendula Oil

    Since it can be so hard to identify some of the million-syllable words in skincare ingredient lists, Rejuvaskin tries to use all-natural, plant-derived ingredients where possible. One such ingredient is calendula oil, an extract of a common garden flower.

  • 6 Fun Facts About Silicone

    Think you know silicone? Think again! This fun little polymer has completely changed the way our industries function; from kitchens to the inside of your smartphone, silicone is everywhere.
  • Ingredient Spotlight: Anti-Pollution Cleanser and Exo-P™

    Pollution can cause premature aging, hyperpigmentation, skin conditions like eczema, and acne. But don’t worry—adding anti-pollution skincare products to your arsenal and your daily routine is easier than you may think. 
  • 5 Key Ingredients For Scar Management

    If you’ve ever experienced difficult or persistent scarring, chances are you’ve looking into scar creams, wraps, etc., but how do you know what the best ingredients for scars are? We did the research!
  • Mederma vs. Rejûvaskin: Side by Side Ingredient Comparison

    Let’s take a look at two popular scar-product brands: Rejuvaskin Scar Esthetique and Mederma, and compare what each formula brings to the table. Learn which scar healing ingredients provide the best scar treatment for fading scars.
  • Ingredients To Avoid If You Have Eczema

    Even when something looks like it might be made for people with eczema, there are often hidden ingredients that can be harmful to your skin. Take a look at this short list of ingredients to avoid if you have eczema to help you choose skincare products.
  • Ingredient Spotlight: Sodium Hyaluronate or Hyaluronic Acid?

    Sodium hyaluronate and hyaluronic acid are at the top of all the best skincare ingredient lists. What is it? How does it work? What does it even do for your skin? Our ingredient spotlight answers that and more.
  • Why Is Vitamin C Good For Your Skin?

    Along with boosting your immune system, vitamin C has amazing benefits for your skin health. Here are the main reasons why you should be looking for vitamin C in your skincare products.
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