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  • How To Get Rid Of Pregnancy Stretch Marks

    We firmly believe that everyone should feel comfortable in their own skin, stretch marks and all, but some women will have the perfectly normal desire to get rid of their stretch marks. Luckily, there are products that can help.
  • Ingredient Spotlight: Cocoa & Shea Butter

    Here at Rejuvaskin, we love these two ingredients so much that we’ve included them in two of our products: our Stretch Mark and Advanced Firming Creams. Why do we love them so much? Let’s take a look and find out.
  • Mom’s Looking For An Effective Scar Cream For Kids? Suggest A Scar Gel Instead!

    Parents always want the best for their kids, and some might already be asking you about products like scar cream for kids. Let's take a look at how to get rid of pediatric scars and discuss how you can guide moms to the best scar treatment for their kids.
  • How To Help Your Patients Through C-Section Recovery

    Your patients shouldn't have to worry about the appearance of a C-section scar as they newly navigate motherhood. Here’s some information about how scars form, how to care for the wound, and how our Scar Heal Kit for C-Sections can help.
  • How Pregnancy Affects The Skin

    It’s no big secret that the body changes during pregnancy in a variety of ways. Here, we’ll go through some of the ways pregnancy affects the skin as well as remedies you can give your patients for stubborn or lasting results of pregnancy.
  • Two Ways Pregnancy Impacts Skin and Addressing Concerns

    It’s no big secret that pregnancy can have huge impact on skin health, but how pregnancy affects skin often takes patients by surprise. Here, we’ve called out two ways pregnancy affects your patients' skin and how Rejuvaskin can help.
  • Supporting Mom's Mental Health After Delivery

    Expecting mothers and new mothers may find it difficult to ask for help or information on postpartum depression, so we encourage you to lead the conversation for Mental Health Awareness Month!
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