Why You Should Recommend Silicone Sheeting for Your Patient’s Scar

Why You Should Recommend Silicone Sheeting for Your Patient’s Scar

May 19, 2021

Following procedures, patients will most likely experience scarring, and odds are they’ll want to get rid of it. We've found that silicone scar sheeting is one of the best options for healing scars. Scar sheeting is one of the most effective ways to deal with problem scarring. Here’s a breakdown of why silicone scar sheeting is a good solution to heal scars.

Silicone Sheets Help Prevent Scars Before Forming

Silicone sheeting can be used as soon as a wound fully heals. Timely application is important too. The best time to reduce the appearance of a scar is during its remodeling phase. This is when the skin is actively working to repair itself after a surgery or injury. The sooner the patient can start, the better their expected results. Scar sheeting helps mimic the natural healing environment to decrease water loss and collagen production. Typically, this results in a soft, flat scar that is even with the surrounding skin.

Effective on the Most Difficult Scars

We see a ton of nasty scars. Our inbox is often flooded with keloids and hypertrophic scars that extend far beyond the original surgical site or wound. Silicone sheets are effective even on these most difficult scars. Depending on their skin type, a surgery patient may be prone to this severe scarring.. It is important they are prepared to begin your scar management as soon as possible.

Recommended by Dermatologists and Plastic Surgeons

According to the International Advisory Panel on Scar Management, silicone scar sheeting is the primary treatment option for surgical and traumatic scars. Dermatologists and plastic surgeons recommend Scar Fx Silicone Sheeting in countries all over the globe. We have helped heal over 4 million scars. Our scar sheeting, made with medical grade silicone, is safe for all skin types.

Safe, Easy, and Cost Effective

Scars can take a long time to heal. And the healing process doesn't always end with the prettiest results. That's why taking care of scars the right way can be a bit of a daunting task for many patients. With soft, pliable, self-adhering silicone, however, scar sheeting is the ideal tool to help them navigate the challenge. 

Scar sheeting is also an ideal choice because it's cost-effective, unlike many other kinds of scar treatments— not only is the kit itself affordable, silicone scar sheeting is also reusable.

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Rejuvaskin Scar Fx 

Creating the very best scar products is just one of our specialities here at Rejuvaskin. That's why we make Scar Fx available in unique sizes to best fit a patient’s scar. Durable, effective, and washable, Scar Fx provides an easy, safe, cost effective solution to scar management.