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3 Ways Rejuvaskin Supports Breast Cancer Patients

3 Ways Rejuvaskin Supports Breast Cancer Patients

As we continue through October, the team at Rejuvaskin is taking some time to raise awareness about breast cancer, a disease that requires perseverance, support, and hope to overcome. Partnering with organizations and offering efficient, effective solutions for those undergoing treatment, we are doing what we can to support the breast cancer community and the families that this disease has affected.

There are a number of things our team here at Rejuvaskin does throughout the year to support cancer patients of all kinds - here鈥檚 a look at how we鈥檙e supporting breast cancer patients specifically this month.聽

Skin Recovery Cream Program

Rejuvaskin has partnered with more than five thousand cancer treatment and recovery centers across the United States. Throughout the course of our program, we donate thousands of free samples of our Skin Recovery Cream. This product combines botanicals and naturally occurring chemical compounds proven to support healthy skin.聽聽

The Skin Recovery Cream has helped hundreds of patients in their efforts to reduce the side-effects of radiation on their skin. AnnaLee, a Rejuvaskin customer, said: 鈥淚 have had 25 treatments for radiation and I haven鈥檛 burned or gotten blisters...鈥澛 Furthermore, we offer products like the Skin Recovery Cream at a significant discount to cancer patients through individualized coupon codes. This allows patients who are already making large payments for radiation to still get the best care for their skin.

Surgical Scar Solutions

For breast cancer patients who require surgery, they could be looking at a minimal tissue removal or complete mastectomies. Regardless of the extensiveness of the surgery, we want patients to have as little scarring as possible; this can help with the confidence and emotional wellbeing of these strong, formidable women. Here at Rejuvaskin, we offer specially-shaped breast sheeting for patients who undergo lumpectomy, mastectomy, and breast reconstruction. We also have sheeting products that can help reduce scarring in other surgical sites for patients who have had metastasized growths removed.

Cancer & Careers Partnership

For the month of October, Rejuvaskin will be donating 20% off all proceeds from our Skin Recovery Cream to Cancer and Careers. This organization works with women who have been diagnosed with cancer to help them navigate the working world before, during, and after receiving treatment. Our goal at Rejuvaskin is two-fold: to help women connect with products to aid them in skin recovery, and to provide them with resources during and after treatment that will help them get and maintain jobs.

Breast cancer is a disease that no one should have to experience; however, we can all help out by providing support to those who need it and products that can help people recover. At Rejuvaskin, we know what a toll cancer treatment can have on the body; we create skin protection and recovery products to help make treatment easier and more comfortable for those battling breast cancer. Join us in raising awareness for this disease and share your story today.