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C-Section Scar Healing: Meet The Scar Heal Kit Made For The Job

C-Section Scar Healing: Meet The Scar Heal Kit Made For The Job

Do you have a scheduled C-section? Many providers will recommend a C-section for a number of reasons. This means that you will be left with scarring, and you might already be wondering how to heal a C-section scar or how long does it take to heal a C-section scar? In this blog, we鈥檒l cover these things and help you pick the best silicone scar sheets for your upcoming delivery.

What鈥檚 Involved With A C-Section?

Regardless of the circumstances surrounding your C-section, you need to take it easy鈥 this is one of the best ways to help yourself heal properly and set yourself up for great scar-healing success. Your C-section wound will take at least one week to close up externally. Some women find that it takes longer if they aren鈥檛 careful with their incisions.

How Do I Get My Wound To Heal Quickly?

During the first week, your priorities should be:

  1. Keeping your incision and clothing around your incision clean and dry
  2. Not overexerting yourself
  3. Watching for signs of infection鈥 call your doctor right away if you suspect infection
  4. Bonding with your baby

Worry about your scar later! Right now is the time to focus on healing and your baby. For more tips, check out 8 Essential C-Section Recovery Tips.

How To Heal A C-Section Scar

Now that the first week or two has passed, you鈥檙e probably wondering what you can do about your scar. Let鈥檚 jump right in and discuss how to heal a C-section scar.

When Can I Start Using Scar Heal Products?

You can start using scar healing products like our silicone sheeting, silicone gel (included in our C-section kit), and silicone cream once your incision has completely closed. Ensuring that your incision has healed properly before using the products is very important. We don鈥檛 want to interrupt the wound healing process before it has finished 鈥 but, we want to intercept the healing process with supplementation before the scar has started to restructure.

How Long Does It Take To Heal A C-Section Scar?

First and foremost, keep in mind that scars are a natural part of the healing process. For a surgery as major as a c-section, the initial healing process can take about 6-8 weeks before you're ready to resume regular activity levels.

However, full scar healing is a lengthy process. It can take anywhere from six to twenty-four months for a scar to fade as much as it can, and it will always be visible if you look hard enough. We don鈥檛 say this to discourage you 鈥 only so that you can manage your expectations.

What Will My Scar Look Like, & Will It Hurt?

Scars start out as a purple-red color and fade to a tone that will closely match your normal skin tone over time. Scar tissue is often described as being 鈥渟hiny,鈥 and this is what accounts for most of the visible differences once your scar completely heals.

The scar itself shouldn鈥檛 hurt, but your nerve endings may be damaged from your surgery. It鈥檚 normal to have random pains, tingling, or numbness around your scar for a while after your C-section.

How Do I Know When To Stop Using Scar Heal Products?

You can stop using scar healing products whenever you feel that your scar has faded enough for your liking 鈥 or if you stop seeing results over time. Remember that discoloration can be targeted with our Scar Esthetique Silicone Scar Cream. This can be used in combination with our other scar products.

What Are the Best Silicone Scar Sheets?

Here at Rejuvaskin, we鈥檝e developed medical-grade silicone scar sheets specifically for C-section scars. Our sheets have an ultra-sticky backing, but we also include binding tape to help keep your sheet on. Our kits also include our Rejuvasil Scar Gel to be used during the day.

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How Do I Use the Silicone Scar Sheets?

Silicone scar sheets are meant to be used at night when there is minimal movement. You can apply the scar sheet after your shower or bath for maximum moisture retention, just make sure your scar is completely dry before you apply the sheet.

And remember, your body did something amazing. Try not to be too hard on yourself; trust your body and trust the healing process. You can do this, mama!