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How Does Silicone Sheeting Work?

How Does Silicone Sheeting Work?

Silicone scar sheets are used to heal scars after regular surgery, from acne, and plastic surgery. They help to stop hypertrophic and keloid scars from developing. These scars are thickened skin at or extending beyond the surgery site. After surgery you don鈥檛 want to worry about scars healing properly and leaving a mark. You want to wear bathing suits, shorts or revealing clothing without embarrassment? Scar silicone sheets helps prevent scars and assist with healing.

How Do Silicone Sheets Work On Scars?

Silicone is a chemical polymer that is easy to heat and refine. It is found in many consumer products and is also used in many medical devices like IV tubing, syringes, and needles.聽 Silicone sheets are strips that are like band aids. Similar to band aids, not all sheets are created even; some sheets are 100% silicone while others are only lined with silicone. Doctors often have patients use them after surgery to help scars to heal better.

Silicone sheeting comes in different sizes so it will fit your scars and can be worn at night while you sleep. The sheets can be used on scars after surgery and burns. Your doctor will often recommend silicone gel sheets about two to four weeks after surgery. Depending on the quality of the sheet you may need to replace it every few day or a single sheet could be used for the duration of you scar management routine. Higher quality sheets can be affixed to the skin tape to help secure them better. Silicone sheets are used after the wound has healed and you no longer have scabs.

Different manufacturers have different recommendations for use. And not all Silicone sheets can have tape applied to them because some will fall apart when the tape is removed.

Advantages of Silicone Scar Sheets

Scar silicone sheets are effective with several different types of scar. Sheets can be used with burn scars, plastic surgery scars, mastectomy scars, body piercing, tattoos, and traditional surgeries. Wearing the strips all day or night created a hydration barrier which allows the body to better manage the repair process of the injury site. Silicone lessens the redness and itching in scars and is a safer and easier method than injections and surgery.

Using silicone strips, flattens and reduces scar tissue while reducing the size of the scar. It makes the scar more flexible as it heals. After surgery, you don鈥檛 want to experience more pain. The silicone reduces moisture loss in the scar keeping excessive collagen from forming and keeps the skin from thickening around the scar. Using medical tape with the silicone scar sheets keeps them on more securely.

Silicone gel sheeting has been used on surgical scars for about 30 years. The reason it works is that it reduces moisture loss in the scar and allows oxygen to enter through the bandage. It reduces the chance of the scar tissue thickening and remaining permanent. You will often have to wear the sheeting 12 to 24 hours every day for a few months to see results.

It is a low-cost treatment option for scars, easy to use, and can be worn under clothing. Silicone sheets are not supposed to be used on open wounds and wounds that have scabs. It should be used according to your doctor鈥檚 instructions. Silicone sheets should be removed daily and the wound area kept clean.

Don鈥檛 let scars form on the body after surgery, or from burns or acne. Ask your doctor about the best scar silicone sheets to use to help your scars heal properly.聽 Silicone sheets are the professional method to heal scars after surgery, used to heal scars on the breasts, back, legs, chest, neck, and stomach.