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How To Use Compression Garments

How To Use Compression Garments

If you remember, we've already talked a bit about what compression garments are and why they're so useful. Now, let's focus on getting you comfortable with using them 鈥 answering questions like 鈥渉ow long should I wear compression garments鈥 and how to pick the right fit. Let鈥檚 start with a comparison of shapewear vs compression garments, though, to clarify what we mean.

Shapewear vs Compression Garments: What Are Compression Garments Used For?

Shapewear and compression garments may seem similar at first glance, but they serve very distinct purposes.聽

Shapewear is primarily designed for aesthetic purposes, sculpting and smoothing the body to enhance appearance under clothes. It provides gentle compression, focusing on creating a sleek silhouette.聽
On the other hand, compression garments are more medically oriented. They offer firmer, more targeted compression to improve blood flow, and support recovery from surgeries or injuries.聽

While both can alter the shape of the body, compression garments are specialized for therapeutic benefits, whereas shapewear is geared towards temporary cosmetic changes.

How Long Should I Wear Compression Garments?

Follow your body's or your doctor's cues. If you're using them for medical recovery, like after surgery, you might need to wear them almost all the time 鈥 think 24 hours, minus shower time 鈥 for the initial weeks. Gradually, as you heal, you can cut down to about half a day. However, everyone's body is different, so what works for you might vary.

How Do I Find A Compression Garment That Fits Properly?

There are sleeves, stockings, and even full-body suits. The trick is to find one that feels like a second skin 鈥 snug but not too tight, compressing evenly without making you feel like you're in a squeeze.聽

We recommend getting measured professionally; this way you can avoid lengthy return processes.

How Many Compression Garments Will I Need?

Having a couple of these garments means you can switch them out on wash day. Aim for at least two or three (or more if you go longer with your laundry routine) so you're never stuck without one.

How Do I Care For My Garments?

A gentle wash with cold water and mild soap does the trick. Air-drying is the way to go, as heat can mess with their elasticity. Treat them well, and they'll stick around longer. This is especially helpful because medical-grade compression garments can get quite pricey.

How Do I Use Silicone Sheeting with Compression Garments?

If you're already using (or thinking of using) silicone sheeting for scars, it's super easy to pair it with your compression garment. Just place the sheeting on your scar, then slip on the garment over it. This combo is tried and true, and easy to do.

The Perfect Match for Compression Garments: Rejuvaskin鈥檚 Silicone Scar Sheeting & ScarFX Kits

Using compression garments isn't just about slipping them on; it's about knowing how long to wear them, picking the right ones, having enough for a rotation, and teaming them up with other healing aids like silicone sheeting. And, if you鈥檙e looking for the best of the best in the silicone world, check out our line of silicone scar products!