Product Spotlight: Rejuvaskin’s Advanced Firming Cream

New Product Spotlight: Rejuvaskin's Advanced Firming Cream

You may be looking at using a firming cream to reduce the look of deposited cellulite and get rid of stretch marks. According to Mayo Clinic, cellulite contributes to the appearance of dimpling on the thighs, buttocks, hips, and abdomen. While the appearance of cellulite is much more common in women, this dimpling can also appear in some men. Unwanted dimples are caused by the deposit of cellulite fat just below the surface of the skin - this results in an uneven, lumpy appearance. 

Firming creams are hydrating creams that help battle the appearance of cellulite by plumping up the skin. Plump, moisturized skin can help iron out wrinkles and fine lines in the skin that make your skin look aged. Firming creams also improve the elasticity of the skin and add tone and firmness to the skin.

What Do Firming Creams Do?

Rejuvaskin’s Advanced Firming Cream is a luxurious cream replete with herbal ingredients.  These natural ingredients provide you with a safe way to improve the look and feel of your skin. Our cream reduces fine lines and wrinkles with its toning effect, all while being non-greasy and easily absorbed into the skin, where it restores collagen and elastin. These two critical components help the skin to bounce back to its naturally firm and healthy appearance - all while decreasing the appearance of cellulite. Additionally, our safe, simple formula means that you can apply this cream on any “problem areas” where you’d like to reduce wrinkles and smooth out cellulite dimples. 

Key Firming Cream Ingredients


A blend of fatty and amino acids known as Palmitoyl Hexapeptides, these ingredients generate a reaction in the skin which stimulates collagen and elastin fibroblasts. Collagen and elastin are essential components of healthy, supple-looking skin.


Since collagen is a key building block for the skin, wrinkles can form when collagen breaks down and the skin loses moisture due; skin can lose moisture for almost any reason, including aging, sun exposure, dry weather, or an underlying medical condition. Ceramide-2, a waxy lipid added to our advanced firming cream, helps the skin to retain moisture and prevent collagen breakdown.

Herbal Extracts

Our cream’s herbal ingredients make it safe to use and gentle on the skin. Calendula flower, arnica flower, and symphytum extracts help to support the overall skin health by delivering key ingredients to the deepest layers.

Cocoa and Shea Butter

The fatty acids present in shea and cocoa butters are able to penetrate deeply into the skin; this hydrates far better than a simple lotion and improves the skin’s elasticity.

Who Is The Rejuvaskin Firming Cream For?

It’s never a bad idea to get ahead of aging and wrinkles, especially if you get a lot of sun exposure or live in a dry climate. Rejuvaskin has the best firming cream for those whose skin is prone to dryness and discoloration, and those who wish to control the effects of UV ray damage. As an alternative to expensive, sometimes uncomfortable medical procedures, our advanced firming cream can be applied directly to the skin where a build-up of cellulite has led to lumps and dimples.

Our unique formula combines natural botanicals and essential compounds to support skin health. We want you to glow and have healthy, hydrated, and younger-looking skin!