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Shop For A Cause: Rejuvaskin Partners With Cancer & Careers

Rejuvaskin Partners With Cancer & Careers

As we make our way through the month of October amidst the COVID pandemic and continued social distancing, the team here at Rejuvaskin wants to remind clients and customers that this month is breast cancer awareness month. As part of our continued support for those battling breast and other cancers, we will continue to offer our skin recovery products to help patients heal physically and emotionally from surgeries and scarring.

The Other Side

There are untold, unspoken difficulties that come along with cancer - especially breast cancer. The road from diagnosis to potential recovery is often long and painful, often inflicting physical and emotional damage to patients after they鈥檝e already been through so much. It is our job, as a community that serves women, to help raise awareness and provide support to those that need us most.聽聽

Here at Rejuvaskin, we aim to make the best, most simplified skin products that can help you support your body鈥檚 own natural healing mechanisms.聽 From scarring to damage from pollution, we have products to help support your lifestyle and the issues you deal with.聽 For example, patients who undergo lump removals or complete mastectomies will often struggle with scarring in locations that can disrupt self-esteem and confidence.聽 Our Scar Fx Silicone Sheeting for breast procedures and the easily applied scar gel can help women heal faster and more efficiently from breast procedures than those who don鈥檛 use this product.

Cancer & Careers: Supporting Women With Cancer

When you receive a diagnosis like cancer, there are so many things that go through your mind; the least of your concerns should be whether or not your job will be secured for you throughout receiving the treatment you need.聽 One of the proudest moments we have had as a company is working and partnering with Cancer & Careers.聽 This group aids women in their journey through battles with cancer; they can help you search for work, build your resume, prepare for interviews, and more.

As a skincare company, we felt it was important to support the work that Cancer & Careers is doing to help these women across the nation.聽 For the month of October, Rejuvaskin is donating 20% of Skin Recovery Cream purchases to Cancer & Careers.聽 Show your support for breast cancer awareness month by spreading the news and sharing the foundation with your friends and family.