A Sensational List of Skin Facts

Your skin is probably the most underrated organ in your entire body. It plays about a million key roles that are absolutely essential to every day life. Most of them, you don’t even think about. That’s why this list of skin facts is worth the next 45 seconds of your time. We have put together some of the most interesting facts we could find about skin. This list is SKIN-sational!

  • The skin is the largest organ of you body. It covers about 21 square feet. That means it's a little bit larger than a twin bed.
  • Your skin makes up about 15% of your body weight. That’s about 9 pounds of skin.
  • While we are talking about weight, there are about one billion tons of dead skin cells in our atmosphere. Okay, this one is a little gross.
  • The thickest skin on your body is on your feet and the thinnest is on your eyelids.
  • Skin color is a result of melanin, which also determines the color of your eyes.
  • Skin is regenerative and renews itself about once every month.
  • Your skin helps regulate the temperature of your body. When you are hot, it can release up to 3 gallons of sweat.
  • Skin is your first line of defense against all outside invaders from dirt, to water, to UV Rays, to bacteria and germs.
  • Your skin is elastic so it can move and grow with you.
  • Skin is made up of three layers – the epidermis, dermis, and subcutis.
  • Your skin has receptors that allow you to feel touch and pain.
  • Your skin can repair itself by forming a scar. Although, scar tissue is a bit different than skin due to a lack of hair and sweat glands.
  • Your skin is beautiful, because it is yours!

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