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  • The Features of Scars: What Causes Scar Discoloration, Raised Scars, & More

    While some people cherish their scars as a reminder of their past, the majority of us don’t love the look that scar tissue brings to our appearance. Luckily, the appearance of scars naturally diminishes over time一 but there are also ways that you can speed up this process.

  • Scar Massage 101: Should I Massage My Scars?

    Does massaging your scar help it heal? It just might! Learn how to do a scar massage, the benefits of a scar massage, and how to use a scar massage alongside other scar healing remedies (like silicone scar products) to help minimize your scars!
  • What Is the Best Scar Treatment Route: Surgical or Topical

    Whether you’re looking for how to get rid of old scars, or are looking to prevent scarring from surgery, there is most definitely a scar treatment option for you! Let's discuss the pros and cons of scar revision surgery and silicone scar products!

  • Mastectomy vs Lumpectomy: What To Expect For Your Breast Cancer Treatment

    If your doctor has opted surgery as the best course of action to root out the cancer, you will be weighing 2 options: a mastectomy vs lumpectomy. But what’s the difference between these procedures? Here’s what to expect.
  • How Scar Heal Products Work

    We pride ourselves on making effective skincare products. Whether it is managing your scars or helping you get the healthiest skin possible, we know that our products work. The key is in the ingredients and the science.
  • 10 Facts About Scarring That Will Blow Your Mind

    Scars protect your body from future damage, but they also remind us of where we have been and what we have survived. Even though most people understand the basics of what a scar is, these 10 facts about scarring will blow your mind.

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