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Unlock the Secret: Why Pure Medical Grade Silicone Outshines SPF-Infused Scar Treatments

Unlock the Secret: Why Pure Medical Grade Silicone Outshines SPF-Infused Scar Treatments

Approved By Board Certified Plastic Surgeon, Dr. Frank Rieger

You鈥檝e had a recent injury or surgery. Your doctor has you all stitched up, and is advising you on how to care for your wound, and the scar that will form after you have the stitches removed. They鈥檙e going to have a decent amount of instructions and advice that you should follow as thoroughly as you can. One of the most important tips for scar healing, they say: Protect it from the sun.

As education about proper scar maintenance increasingly enters mainstream conversations, it鈥檚 no surprise that this bit of advice has led to some silicone scar management brands out there creating sunscreen-infused silicone scar products, giving you the best of both worlds: UV and hydration protection.

But is this innovation really the best solution? Let鈥檚 discuss it.

The Truth About Silicone and Sunscreen In Scar Care: They Don鈥檛 Always Mix聽

So do sunscreen silicone scar gels work? Meh.

When it comes to managing scars effectively, the purity of the treatment product (aka your silicone products) plays a crucial role. While SPF-infused silicone products may sound appealing, they do not deliver the same level of efficacy as pure medical grade silicone products in scar treatment.

But why? Let鈥檚 explore why pure medical grade silicone, devoid of additional sunscreen, stands out as the superior choice for those seeking the most effective scar management solutions.聽

The Science Behind Silicone In Scar Management聽

First things first: how do silicone scar products work?

Medical grade silicone has been a cornerstone in scar management due to its ability to form a protective barrier over the scar. This barrier not only hydrates the scar but also regulates collagen production, which can significantly reduce the appearance of scars, as drier scar sites lacking in moisture tend to overproduce collagen, creating thicker, more noticeable scar tissue. The occlusive nature of silicone gel sheets or topical silicone keeps the scar environment balanced, promoting faster, flatter healing.聽

The Compromise In SPF-Infused Silicone Formulations聽

Though adding sunscreen to silicone scar treatment products might seem like a no-brainer at first glance鈥protection from UV radiation is crucial for scar care, as sun exposure can darken and worsen the appearance of scars鈥 this inclusion may actually be decreasing your silicone gel鈥檚 ability to do its job, as adding SPF to the silicone formula can compromise the silicone鈥檚 inherent water-blocking properties.

This is because certain ingredients in effective SPFs can dilute the concentration of silicone, thereby reducing its efficacy in scar treatment. This dilution can lead to a less effective barrier, decreased hydration, and suboptimal scar healing outcomes. Board Certified Plastic Surgeon, Frank Rieger, MD advises 鈥渢o use only medical grade silicone and add sunscreen on top after the silicone dries. Don鈥檛 dilute.鈥澛

Comparative Efficacy: Pure Medical Grade Silicone vs. SPF-Infused Products聽

Studies and clinical trials have shown that the most effective scar treatment comes from using products that maintain a high concentration of active ingredients. Pure medical grade silicone products ensure an undiluted formulation, providing a consistent, effective barrier that is crucial for optimal scar management.

In contrast, silicone products mixed with SPF must balance between scar treatment efficacy and sun protection, often leading to a compromise in the overall effectiveness of the scar treatment.聽

The Verdict On Sun Protection and Scar Care聽

Bottom line: While protecting scars from the sun is important, it鈥檚 more effective to simply apply a high-quality sunscreen separately rather than relying on SPF-infused scar treatments.

This approach allows both the sunscreen and the silicone to function at their best without interfering with each other鈥檚 actions. Patients can apply a layer of pure medical grade silicone followed by a sunscreen, ensuring that the scar receives optimal treatment without the risk of dilution or reduced efficacy.聽

Embracing The Purity Of Medical Grade Silicone For Scar Healing聽

For those looking to get the best results in scar management, choosing products with pure medical grade silicone is the way to go. Pure silicone products maintain their integrity and deliver consistent, reliable results that are superior to SPF-infused alternatives. For optimal scar care, separate your silicone treatment from your sun protection routine and witness the difference in the healing and appearance of your scars.聽

By focusing on pure, undiluted medical grade silicone, you embrace the most effective, scientifically backed approach to scar management鈥攅nsuring that your skin heals beautifully, effectively, and with the utmost care it deserves. Rejuvaskin offers the world鈥檚 only full family of medical silicone products as well as a high-quality, lightweight SPF. However, taking the medical experts advice鈥搘e don鈥檛 dilute.