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  • Being Ready For Thyroid Surgery Recovery: What To Expect

    There are a few different reasons you may end up needing thyroid surgery (also known as thyroidectomy. Learn what to expect after thyroid surgery, about thyroid surgery recovery, and how to heal a thyroid surgery scar.
  • When Do I Actually Need A Mammogram?

    No one can seem to agree on an exact age for when you should start getting an annual mammogram. Some say as early as 40, while other experts would have you leave it until 55, or somewhere in between. Let's take a closer look at this hotly debated topic.
  • The Ins & Outs of Breast Reconstruction After A Mastectomy

    How much do you know about what happens during a mastectomy with reconstruction? Many women opt for this procedure to help them feel a bit more like normal as they undergo mastectomy recovery.
  • How Long Does It Take Radiation Burns To Heal?

    What's the best way to heal radiation burns? There are several things you can do. Learn how to treat radiation burns, how long it takes radiation burns to heal, and what makes our Skin Recovery Cream a great radiation burn cream.
  • How Is Breast Cancer Treated? The Types of Breast Cancer Treatment

    There are many different types of breast cancer treatment options out there. Let's discuss some of the most common ways to treat breast cancer, learn what happens during breast cancer surgery and more.
  • What Are The Types of Eczema?

    In this blog, we’ll take a look at the different types of eczema and briefly touch on some ways you can find eczema relief from persistent itching, burning, redness, and flakiness in your common eczema areas.
  • 7 Breast Cancer Myths

    There is a ton of information out there about breast cancer. It’s extremely difficult as a patient to distinguish between fact and fiction. We’ve sourced seven of the most common breast cancer myths and busted them with the help of the National Breast Cancer Foundation(1). The Seven Myths MYTH ON...
  • What Is Topical Steroid Withdrawal? The Causes, Symptoms, & Recovery

    In this blog, we’re going to take a look at the Topical Steroid Withdrawal phases and what Topical Steroid Withdrawal treatment entails. We’ll also answer the common question, are eczema steroid creams safe?
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