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5 Fall Skincare Tips

5 Fall Skincare Tips

As we settle into the crisp air and pumpkin-scented fall season, it’s a gentle reminder that winter is approaching. The colder, drier weather of winter can be especially harsh on the skin. Just like transitioning from tank tops to chunky sweaters and jeans, you need to learn to change up your skincare products and regimen when the weather begins to change. Below are 5 fall skincare tips for keeping your skin feel nice all year long.

Switch up Your Body Cleanser

While a clarifying flower-scented body wash might work in summer, you should switch to a cream cleanser during the fall and winter for added moisturizing. Most cream cleansers are also gentler on the skin.

Try a Balancing Facial Oil

While it doesn’t make sense to rub oil on your face during the sweat-drenched summer months, during the fall, you can switch your light evening moisturizing to a balancing oil that will hydrate the face. You can find an antioxidant-rich facial oil that works for all skin types.

Don’t Skimp on Sunscreen

Some people might let their sunscreen regimen fall by the wayside during the fall months, but the sun’s UV rays can still cause skin damage even when it’s overcast or when temperatures are low. Continue applying sunscreen during the fall, especially to the face and neck.

Stock up on Hand Cream

Hands can get extremely dry and flaky during the fall and winter months, which can be uncomfortable. Having a few different tubes of thick hand cream with you at all times can keep your hands feeling silky smooth.

Fight Environmental Destructions 

Using a high-quality facial cleanser that works to fight free radicals and particulate matter in the air during any season is essential to maintaining healthy skin. Rejuvaskin’s Anti-Pollution Cleanser does just that. This unique formula helps cleanse your skin of damaging particles, dirt, dust, grime, makeup and almost anything else that ends up on your face throughout the day.

The changing of the seasons doesn’t mean your skin has to suffer. Following these awesome fall skincare tips can keep your skin feeling smooth, hydrated, and radiant all year long so you can focus on pumpkin spice and everything else nice!