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5 Summer Skincare Tips For Healthier Skin

5 Summer Skincare Tips For Healthier Skin

As the seasons change, so too should your skincare routine. While the dryness of winter called for thicker hydration, the heat and sunshine of summertime call for different care techniques. Don’t let your skin suffer this summer! Below are a few summer skincare tips you can use to better care for your skin this summer.

Summer Skincare Tip #1: Hydrate

There’s no easier way to make your skin look and feel vibrant and glowing than by drinking your recommended amount of water every day. A well-hydrated body translates to well hydrated skin. Most people abide by the 8x8 rule each day, which states that you should be drinking eight 8-ounce glasses of water a day. One fun way to get yourself to drink more water is to buy yourself a fun reusable cup or water bottle or to sweeten boring tap water with fresh berries, lemon, cucumber, or herbs.

Summer Skincare Tip #2: Moisturize

To ensure you keep your skin silky soft and smooth, moisturize twice daily at night and in the morning. Be sure to moisturize right after you shower or take a bath. The moisturizer you used during winter may be too thick for summertime use, especially if you’ll be outside and sweating. Find a light, non-comedogenic moisturizer for summer.

Summer Skincare Tip #3: Use Sunscreen

Sunscreen is your body’s first defense against harmful UV rays. While you can’t see the long-term effects of sun damage, they are occurring each time your skin is exposed to the sun, so lather up! And keep in mind that not all sunscreens are created equal. Find a sunscreen made by a reputable brand that will nourish your skin without making it feel greasy.

One of the easiest ways to apply daily sunscreen is to buy a moisturizer with SPF in it.

Summer Skincare Tip #4: Treat Sunburns

Leaving sunburns untreated can have lasting impacts on your skin. Finding skincare products that will help relieve and repair sun damage is essential. Rejuvaskin Skin Recovery cream was formulated for red and irritated skin due to burns from radiation therapy, but it is also a powerhouse product for helping with sunburns or sun damage.

Summer Skincare Tip #5: Don’t Forget Your Lips

Sometimes we have a tendency to forget that our lips need care too! Be sure to apply daily lip balm containing SPF. You can find a variety of fun and summery shades of lip balm with SPF in them too! And don’t forget to exfoliate lips to remove the dead skin from them!

Keep your skin feeling fresh and youthful all year round with these easy ways to care for your skin this summer.