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5 Ways to Start the New Year with Healthier Skin

5 Ways to Start the New Year with Healthier Skin

We are calling it. 2019 is the year of healthy skin. That’s right! This new year is all about feeling healthy, happy, and confident in your own skin. That means a couple of things. First, it’s time to take a look in the mirror and decide that you are going to love your skin no matter what. It is, after all, a pretty vital organ. Second, we are going to give you just a few tips on how you can start taking steps and developing habits to accomplish all of your skincare goals in 2019.

1. Examine your Current Routine

Number One, take stock of all that goes in to your current skin care routine. Take a look at the products you are using. How do they work? Which ones make your skin feel so good you can’t wait until you put them on? What is actually in them? What are the key ingredients? The goal here is to find out what you might want to add to your routine and what you might need to ditch. It may require a little bit of research on your part to make sure the products you are currently using actually align with your skin and your skincare goals.

2. Invest in a Few Good Products to get Started

This is for those of us who haven’t already jumped head first in to the world of skincare. If you nightly routine is currently a splash of water and a quick glance, go for it! However, if you are longing for more don’t be afraid to get started with a gentle cleanser followed by a serum, eye cream, and moisturizer. You may be surprised how well it makes your skin feel when your head hits the pillow at night and when you wake up in the morning. Rejûvaskin’s Skin Serum and Eye Cream contain all of the ingredients that you want and won’t break the bank. Check them out here!

3. Eat Your Way to Healthy Skin

So many folks across the US are starting the year off with healthy eating habits with goal of total wellness. Well, these great habits carry over to your skin. If you want healthy skin, your diet can really carry you a long way. Try consuming foods rich in anti-oxidants which can greatly increase your overall health, not only how your skin looks and feels. Again this one may take a little research on what foods are good for your skin and a lot of restraint from consuming those that aren’t.

4. Target Something Specific

Scars and Stretch Marks are natural responses to stress on our skin. They are nothing to be ashamed of. However, if you want to do something about them, you can. There are products out there that can help reduce the appearance of both scars and stretch marks. We even wrote a blogs about them (here for scar management and here for stretch marks). Just be sure to take photos to track your progress.

5. Be Confident and Happy

Whatever you do, whether it is going all in on a revamped routine or keeping it simple, be confident in your skincare routine. It’s all about how you feel and if you are healthy, happy, and confident. And of course be on the lookout for more tips and trends through the new year from Rejûvaskin. Because healthy skin is always in.