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6 Face Cleansing Mistakes To Avoid

6 Face Cleansing Mistakes To Avoid

We get it, when the day is done, you want to be in and out of the bathroom with a clean, fresh face. However, if you aren’t careful, you might actually be doing more damage than good to your skin as you “cleanse” it.

In this post, let’s dig into how to use cleanser, what common mistakes you might be making, and answer a common question: is hot water good for your skin? We’ll also touch on an option for a cleanser for sensitive skin.

Top 6 Cleansing Mistakes & How To Use Cleanser Properly:

#1: Cleansing With Dirty Hands

If you don’t wash your hands first, you’re basically going to be spreading all of those germs all over your face. Since we’re trying to clean your face, let’s start with a clean slate. Keep in mind that your hands are better than a washcloth or scrubby – over-exfoliating is a very real problem in some people’s skincare routines.

#2: Using Water That’s Too Hot

So, is hot water good for your skin? It’s actually not!

Hot water can dry your skin out, pulling out the moisturizing oils more than they would normally be when you cleanse with lukewarm water. You don’t have to use cold water – just don’t tip the tap all the way to hot.

#3: Not Removing Your Makeup First

While many cleansers (like our own) are great at removing any leftover bits of makeup, the point of your cleanser is to cleanse your skin, not remove cosmetics. Always start with a makeup remover before you use your cleanser. There’s no reason to waste your product on something it isn’t meant to do.

#4: Rushing The Process

Proper cleaning and cleansing take time. Many people make this skincare time a ritualistic part of their day. It can be a time to relax and wind down if you devote enough time to it. Put on some music and relax, giving your products enough time to work their magic.

#5: Using A Dirty Towel (Or using a clean one the wrong way)

Again, using a dirty towel (just like dirty hands) simply defeats the purpose of cleansing in the first place. Use a fresh, dry towel every time you cleanse – and make sure to pat dry, not rub! This is much gentler on your skin, helping further prevent irritation.

#6: Not Locking In Moisture

You’re already in the bathroom with your skincare products, and your face is nice and moist. It’s the perfect time to lock in that moisture and prevent dry skin! Immediately after you finish with your cleanser and pat dry, lather on that moisturizer.

If you’re looking for a sensitive skin-friendly moisturizer that also can reduce signs of aging, our Facial Moisturizer with ReVita-D might be for you.

The Best Cleanser For Sensitive Skin

If you’re looking for a good, deep clean that won’t aggravate your sensitive skin, check out our Rejuvaskin Facial Cleanser. This formula is specifically designed to be harsh on dirt, pollution, and grime – all while being gentle on your skin. Following these six tips with a great cleansing product will ensure that your skin stays clean and healthy.