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8 Anti-Aging Tips for Healthier, Younger Skin

8 Anti-Aging Tips for Healthier, Younger Skin

Many influences cause our skin to age. While we cannot reverse the natural aging process, there are a number of causes we can work to alleviate. Environmental and lifestyle choices have a large impact on our skin鈥檚 condition. The medical term for this type of premature aging caused by external factors is called 鈥渆xtrinsic aging.鈥 Below, we will take a look at some things that can age your skin prematurely and improvements you can make for aging prevention.

1. Protect Your Skin from the Sun

Whether you鈥檙e taking a trip to the beach or just walking around outside for a bit, your skin needs daily protection from the sun. The sun is the skin鈥檚 most damaging force. You should apply daily sunscreen to your face and body. Many daily lotions for face and body will have SPF already in them.

2. Quit Smoking

Kick that habit! Smoking speeds up your skin鈥檚 natural aging process. Chronic smoking can cause wrinkles and a dull, pallid complexion.

3. Avoid Wrinkle-Causing Facial Expressions

Pay attention to consistent facial expressions鈥攍ike frowning or wrinkling your nose鈥攖hat can create permanent lines in the face. Always wear sunglasses outside to avoid squinting and hats to keep the sun off your face.

4. Watch What You Eat

Studies show that eating a regular, well-balanced diet can help prevent external damage causing premature aging. Eating plenty of fresh fruits and vegetables can assist with a healthier complexion. On the other hand, carbohydrates and refined sugars can also accelerate the aging process.

5. Avoid Alcohol

Say goodbye to binge drinking. Regularly imbibing can take a toll on your skin and quicken the aging process. Alcohol can dehydrate your skin and, over time, will augment the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles and give your skin a rough, dull look.

6. Get Up and Get Moving

Want a more 鈥測outhful glow鈥? Get moving! Findings show that moderate exercise can improve circulation of blood and oxygen to your body鈥檚 systems and improve the look and feel of your skin.

7. Cleanse your Skin

Get into the habit of gently cleansing your skin regularly, both at night and in the morning. Sleeping in your makeup can lead to breakouts and build up from environmental toxins on the skin.聽Scrubbing your skin roughly can irritate it and additionally contribute to the aging process, to be sure to cleanse gently and mindfully.

8. Start an Anti-aging Routine

With so many anti-aging products out there finding the right one can be next to impossible. Word of advice,when it comes to keeping your skin young and healthy it's all about ingredients. Rej没vaskin offers a line of anti-aging products that is safe for all skin types and contains great ingredients. If you have any questions, make an appointment with your dermatologist and which products they recommend for anti-aging.

Above all, in the race to reverse aging, be patient. You may not see improvements in your skin for months after changing your habits or adding a new product to your regimen. Talk to your dermatologist about other ways to protect your skin from prematurely aging and reverse signs of aging.