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How To Start A Skincare Routine That Works

How To Start A Skincare Routine That Works

Glowing, beautiful skin is the dream of everyone across the country. Most of us would even settle for healthy, properly moisturized skin! The good news is that the first step towards healthier skin is quite simple: make a commitment and start a skincare routine. If you’re like most Americans, you might be wondering how to start your skincare routine, so let’s start right there.

Step 1: Identify Your Skincare Goals

The first thing that you should consider is your broad goal as far as skincare is concerned. What type of skin would you consider yourself to have? For oily skin types, you’ll want a product that minimizes excess oil while reducing breakouts. If you have dry skin, you should consider high-moisturizing products and other strategies.

As you consider your goals, remember that products aren’t the only way to solve a skincare problem. You may also want to take a look at your diet, water intake, and stress levels - these can all affect the health of not only your skin, but every other part of your body as well.

Step 2: Pick Brands You Can Trust

Committing to skincare brands can be a big deal, depending on your convictions and expectations from the products you use; for example, all of our products at Rejuvaskin are made in the USA. Decide how much, if at all, you’re willing to compromise as you try different facial cleansers, makeup, and creams.

Step 3: Pick a Diverse Brand

As your skin grows and changes, so will the needs you will have for your skincare routine. If you want to try to stay loyal to one brand, try to select one that has a wide variety of options to suit all of your skin’s needs. Keep in mind that situations like surgery, sensitive skin, pregnancy, and other skin conditions could cause you to rethink your products. If you have a brand in mind already, you won’t be searching for a new product for very long.

Step 4: Select Your Products

Based on your skin type, your goals, your convictions, and, ultimately, your brand selection, select the products that you want to use in your skincare routine. We list the selection of products last because most skincare brands have very similar products with similar goals. You should be able to find the products you need from top skincare brands at any time if you choose a diverse brand to begin with.

Step 5: Keep Up With It

Perhaps the most important part of a skincare routine is keeping the routine. Your efforts and product research will have been in vain if you don’t stay on top of your cleansing, moisturizing, and other steps (in the right order, of course), you’ll have to reevaluate what products you use. Keep track of the results you are seeing, and ask yourself if you need to tweak your routine at the end of each month. If you know what products and other methods of maintaining healthy skin are available to you, it’s only a matter of time before you find exactly what works for you!

At the end of the day, you deserve to have healthy, beautiful skin that you love. Stay committed to your skin and find the right balance of products and self-care that make your inner and outer beauty shine!