Is Double Cleansing Worth It?

Is Double Cleansing Worth It?

In the world of skincare, fads come and go; you鈥檒l know when a 鈥渇ad鈥 is actually going to stick around if it is based on science and many individuals benefit from it. Today, we鈥檒l take a look at the double cleansing 鈥渇ad鈥 and dig into whether or not it could be a beneficial addition to your skincare routine. Let鈥檚 take a look at some double cleansing benefits, and answer two common questions: what is double cleansing, and how do you do a double cleanse?

What Is Double Cleansing?

This is a variation on the skincare routine step that involves cleaning and cleansing the skin, often with a product with the word 鈥渃leanser鈥 in the name. While most skincare routines will do a single cleanse per session once or twice per day, the double cleansing method is a bit different. Double cleansing involves the use of two different cleansers in one skincare session. Some individuals choose to adopt double cleansing at both their morning and evening skincare routines, but you could also double cleanse only at nighttime.

What Are The Benefits Of A Double Cleanse?

Double cleansing benefits may vary from person to person, but, in general, double cleansing offers the following benefits for your skin:

  • Deeper cleaning and oil lifting
  • Allowing follow-up products to be absorbed more readily
  • Minimized breakouts due to unclogging pores
  • Skin irritation is limited
  • Help your skin look brighter and healthier

So How Do You Do A Double Cleanse?

The products you choose for your skincare routine are incredibly important. The double cleansing method requires that you start with an oil-based cleanser first. If you have oily skin, you may need to be careful with this component of double cleansing. It鈥檚 important to remember that skin will naturally regulate in response to how you treat it. This means that, if you have naturally oily skin, you may even find that using an oil-based cleanser helps your skin not overproduce sebum.

Step One

To double cleanse, start with your oil-based cleanser. Work it into your skin with your fingertips, massaging in gentle circular motions for about a minute. Rinse your skin with warm涓 not hot涓 water. Alternatively, you can also gently wipe your face with a warm, wet washcloth. Your skin will still feel oily from the cleanser, and that鈥檚 ok.

Step Two

Next, you鈥檒l want to follow up with your regular, high-quality water-based cleanser. This cleanser will remove excess oils and any remaining dirt and impurities that the oil-based cleanser lifted from the deeper layers of your skin. Work the cleanser into your skin with circular, massaging motions for about a minute. Then, rinse your face with warm water and pat dry. After this step, you can complete your skincare routine as usual.

What Should I Use To Double Cleanse?

Your cleanser is a crucial step for skin health in your skincare routine, removing any build-up or grime from the day, as well as protecting it from future wear. For this reason, you should make sure that the products you use are high-quality and easy on your skin. You can use any cleansers that work well with your skin type, keeping in mind that it can take about a week to see the results of any changes you make to your skincare routine.聽

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