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Stretch Marks & Exercise: Does Working Out Fuel Or Fade Their Appearance?

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If you have stretch marks, you鈥檒l know that they can be a source of insecurity, but they鈥檙e also incredibly common. Stretch marks are actually a result of rapid weight gain or growth from under the skin. But, how do we get rid of them? Can losing weight reduce stretch marks? Today, we鈥檒l chat about how to get rid of stretch marks from working out and answer the question: does working out help stretch marks? Let鈥檚 dive right in.

The Science Behind Stretch Marks

To understand the relationship between exercise and stretch marks (striae), we should first cover the underlying factors that contribute to stretch mark formation. Striae occur when the skin is stretched beyond its elastic capacity, causing the middle layer of skin (the dermis) to tear. This results in the appearance of visible lines or streaks on the skin's surface as the skin scars and restructures.

Factors From Working Out That May Help or Hinder Stretch Mark Recovery:

Increased Blood Flow

Exercise does promote increased blood circulation, which can improve the delivery of nutrients and oxygen to the skin. This enhanced blood flow theoretically aids in the healing and repair of damaged skin, potentially leading to the fading of stretch marks.聽

Moreover, exercise triggers the release of antioxidants, which help combat oxidative stress and support skin health. However, while these factors may be beneficial for overall skin condition, the scientific evidence specifically linking increased blood flow and antioxidants to the reduction of stretch marks is limited.

Weight Loss & Stretch Marks

So, can losing weight reduce stretch marks? Well, the answer might surprise you. Yes, weight loss resulting from exercise can directly impact the appearance of stretch marks. When excess weight is shed, the tension on the skin is reduced, potentially causing stretch marks to become less noticeable.聽

However, it is important to note that stretch marks may not disappear entirely 鈥 they are scars, after all. And, if you lose enough weight, you鈥檒l likely be dealing with saggy, crepey skin.

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What Types of Exercise Should I Shoot For?

Regardless of what type of exercise you start doing, make sure to ease into it gently. This can help you avoid rapid loss or gain that may contribute to worsening (or causing new) stretch marks on your skin.聽

Generally speaking, low-impact activities that fall into the 鈥渃ardio鈥 category are going to be your best bet. Exercises like swimming, walking, yoga, riding the elliptical, or biking would be great options. These will help improve your internal fitness while giving you those benefits of increased circulation and blood flow.

Prevent & Treat With Rejuvaskin Stretch Mark Cream

We recommend that you manage expectations and adopt a comprehensive approach, including a balanced diet, proper hydration, proper skin care, and the use of a good stretch mark cream. These factors (and more stretch mark prevention tips) working together can be beneficial in promoting healthy skin and potentially reducing the appearance of stretch marks resulting from exercise.