Dermatology Professionals

  • Pollution and its Effects on the Skin

    It is well known that airborne pollutants affect our respiratory and cardiac health. Tiny pollution particles take a huge toll on our skin, making it age faster.
  • Ingredient Spotlight: Anti-Pollution Cleanser and Exo-P™

    One often overlooked factor of skin health is protection against the pollutants that barrage the skin constantly outdoors. Thankfully, adding anti-pollution skincare products to a daily routine is easier than your patients may think.
  • Why Does Skin Sag? How Our Advanced Firming Cream Can Help

    Sagging skin is a common problem that people approach us for, and is probably an issue patients ask you about often, too. This article will discuss the causes of sagging skin, and why firming cream, such as our Advanced Firming Cream, can help.

  • Eczema Treatment

    As a skin health company, we get a lot of questions about eczema and how to effectively treat it, and we’re sure you do too. Let’s answer a few common questions about eczema and how to treat it with Skin Recovery Cream.
  • What Is The Difference Between A Scar Gel And A Scar Cream?

    We love silicone's scar healing properties so much, we've included it across the board in our scar healing line, like in RejûvaSil Silicone Scar Gel and Scar Esthetique. One of the most common questions we get is this: What's the difference?

  • How Scar Heal Products Work

    We pride ourselves on making effective skincare products. This is especially important for your patients that are recovering from surgeries and want to eliminate the texture and discoloration of their scar. The key is in the ingredients and the science.
  • Product Spotlight: Rejûvaskin Skin Recovery Cream

    One of our latest products at Rejuvaskin is our Skin Recovery Cream. This super moisturizer was developed to soothe and nourish skin affected by radiation treatment and skin conditions such as eczema. 
  • How To Help Your Patients Through Mohs Surgery Recovery

    If your patient is planning a Mohs surgical procedure, they’ll need to know a bit about the recovery process! Here is some information you can give your patients to help them care for their wound after Mohs surgery.
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