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3 Ideas to Help Grow your Distribution Company

3 Ideas to Help Grow your Distribution Company

Are you looking for tips on how to build and grow your distribution business?聽

There is no doubt that these are very challenging times for any business, particularly in the retail market: sales are unpredictable, cash flow is weak and costs are rising. To make things even more difficult, your team counts on you to provide answers to their questions. In the midst of uncertainty, you do not need to reinvent the wheel; you need to find what is working and adapt it to your business. We have already done that research for you.聽

Having partners in more than 60 countries around the world has allowed us unique insight. We have analyzed, measured, and compiled what is working.聽Here are a few ideas and initiatives that stand out.

Leverage Offline Events

Depending on where you are located, in person events may be increasing in regularity. From conferences, trade shows, fairs and much more, people are eager to interact with their colleagues and potential partners. In some cases, the attendance is limited and more exclusive, which represents an opportunity to have closer conversations with the attendees. This strategy was nicely implemented by Sued Fargesa (DR) and Medsurgical (Ecuador) by attending one of the most prestigious events in the plastic surgery industry this year. Business is person to person. There are few things more powerful than a face to face conversation and live demonstration, especially now.聽

Take Advantage of Online Tools

Whether we like it or not, now we live in the digital era. Our current and potential clients are active online looking for simple ways to discover, engage and buy. Some of the ways that you can leverage this opportunity is by building a solid social media presence, collaborating with key opinion leaders from your industry and providing educational content to your audience. Take for example SaproMed, our partner based in Chile, is doing an outstanding job at attracting potential clients on social media. Then converting them into customers on their well-built website.

Give Back to Your Community

More now than ever, brands are expected to have a positive impact in their community. Finding a noble cause and using your products or services to support them is not only a great way to build relationships and establish your image but to leave a long-lasting legacy. Royals Skincare donated scar management and skin relief products to a burn and plastic unit Hospital in Ghana.聽Be intentional about engaging with your community and being socially responsible.

Take some time to consider if any of these opportunities are right for you. Maybe you are already participating somehow. We鈥檇 love to hear about it. Email us at聽Do you know any business that could benefit from reading this article? Do them a favor and share it with them.