What it Takes to Become a Rejuvaskin Partner

One of the main reasons why Rejuvaskin is trusted by patients and physicians is due to the quality of our partners. Serving millions of people around the world would be a challenge without having a reliable and sophisticated group of professionals.

A great example to illustrate this point is our Vietnamese distributor, Mai Han Group. A few years ago, they conducted a thorough market research to understand the needs of their people and have always demonstrated a high degree of commitment to provide high-end and effective skin health products in Vietnam. Time has gone by since our relationship started and in the last recent months, they have performed incredible initiatives such as very creative e-commerce campaigns, collaborations with key opinion leaders for skin health, produced powerful marketing strategies, and more.

Rejuvaskin is pleased to announce that February 14, 2022 marks the official date where Mai Han Group becomes the exclusive distributor of our brand in Vietnam. We are certain that with their infrastructure, commitment and values will continue helping more people in Vietnam to have healthy and happy skin.