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Product Comparison: Rejuvasil vs. Scar Esthetique

Product Comparison: Rejuvasil vs. Scar Esthetique

Are you familiar with the difference between Rejuvaskin’s scar gel, RejuvaSil, and scar cream, Scar Esthetique? These products sometimes get confused with one another, and this newsletter is going to clarify the differences so you can inform your customers of the right choice to suit their scar needs.  

First, RejuvaSil is classified by the FDA/CE as an OTC Class 1 Medical Device, which is 510K/PMA-Exempt, while Scar Esthetique is classified as a cosmetic. Both products' key ingredient is silicone, which has been considered one of the best ingredients for treating scars for over three decades.  

RejuvaSil is a topical scar gel that is 97% liquid silicone. The other ingredients in RejuvaSil are Emu oil, for its strong anti-inflammatory properties, Vitamin C, and Squalane, which is used as a natural moisturizer and anti-oxidant. This unique gel helps maintain an occlusive barrier, creating the ideal healing environment for your scar. RejuvaSil is naturally hypoallergenic and is non-comedogenic, so it may be used on the face. RejuvaSil is safe for children. It dries clear with no sticky residue, and is odorless, with a pleasant, satin-like texture. We recommend using RejuvaSil in addition to Scar Fx Silicone Sheeting, which Rejuvaskin considers Phase 1 of scar management. Ideally, once the wound is closed, one would wear Scar Fx Silicone Sheeting for 8-12 hours at night and apply RejuvaSil 2-3 times daily. Makeup or sunscreen can be applied on top of RejuvaSil once the gel has dried.  

Scar Esthetique is a silicone-first scar cream used to soften and brighten scars. The efficacy of this cream comes from the 22 additional ingredients. In addition to silicone, this mix includes anti-oxidants, polypeptides, and all-natural botanicals such as onion extract, arnica flower, and calendula. This unique formula targets discoloration at the cellular level as well as supports overall skin health. Medical professionals recommend Scar Esthetique for simple surgical scars and old scars. For best results, massage the cream into your scar 3-4 times per day. This cream would be considered Phase 2 of our scar management system. 

In conclusion, when choosing the right product for your scar the main thing to ask yourself is, how old is my scar and what would I like to change about my scar? If the scar is fully closed, new, and/or raised, we recommend RejuvaSil scar gel. If the scar is older and you would like to target the discoloration as well as maintain overall skin health, we would recommend Scar Esthetique. 

Thank you for taking the time to learn about the differences between RejuvaSil and Scar Esthetique. We hope you found this newsletter helpful and informative. Feel free to email with any questions.