5 Key ingredients for Scar Management

Scars can be caused by anything from bug bites and acne to major injuries and surgery. They are a major concern for most patients due to the side effects caused such as lack of confidence, negative appearance and discomfort. What is the best way to help them to minimize their appearance? 

Before you spend hours researching the best ingredients for scars, let us do the leg work for you! Below are 5 great ingredients for scar management that will help to fade the appearance and feel of stubborn scarring.


One of the best ingredients for products aimed at fading your scars is silicone. Silicone can be used as a gel in a topical treatment, or as silicone sheets meant to be pressed against any fresh or aging scars. Silicone is wonderful for use on more severe, deeper scarring as it works to reduce redness and helps to smooth raised scars. The International Advisory Panel on Scar Management has stated that silicone scar sheets are the #1 preferred treatment for scars. Rejuvaskin Scar Fx Silicone Sheets are great for treating fresh or aged scarring. Silicone scar sheets decrease collagen production allowing for a smoother, flatter scar with less discoloration.

Onion Extract

While it may not necessarily sound like something that would help heal your scars, onion extract is actually a wonderful agent for accelerating the wound-healing process due to its anti-inflammatory properties. Onion extract contains bioflavonoids that work to significantly reduce the appearance of scars with daily use after only a few weeks. But you don’t need to rub a raw onion on your skin to achieve the scar-healing results—Rejuvaskin Scar Esthetique contains onion bulb extract as one of its active ingredients for minimizing scarring.

Arnica Flower

Arnica is a flower that has been used for its many health and homeopathic benefits, one of which being its anti-inflammatory properties. It is gentle and can be used on a variety of different skin areas and types of scarring. You can find arnica flower extract in our Scar Esthetique product!

Vitamin E

Vitamin E is essential for proper function of your body, but it can also serve to diminish the look and feel of your scarring. Vitamin E works to repair and regenerate scarring and damaged tissue. You’ll find vitamin E a key ingredient to apply to the skin after a procedure which breaks the skin, as it encourages healing and prevents further damage.


You’ll likely find a variety of scar gels and creams with peptides found in them. Peptides are made from amino acids and work to stimulate the healing process for scarring. By speeding up the wound-healing process, peptide scar healing creams and gels can work to diminish the look of non-raised scars and raised keloid scars, while also treating the discoloration. You can find peptides in the ingredients section of Rejuvaskin Scar Heal products under a few different names, including palymitoyl oligopeptide and palmitoyl tetrapeptide.

Having the right ingredients in the scar healing products that you recommend can make a world of difference when it comes to how quickly and how well your patient’s scars heal. Check out the proprietary blends of these important ingredients in Rejuvaskin Scar Heal products.