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What Your Patients Need to Minimize a Scar in 2022

What Your Patients Need to Minimize a Scar in 2022

One of the top concerns for patients after a surgery is the appearance of the scar. There are many options out there, but do you know what is recommended by skin care professionals?

We asked one of our global partners what their network of doctors and patients have to say about it. Here is how Qian Wang, CEO of Beijing ZhengDeTang Medical Device Co. Ltd. (ZDT) in China responded.


Tell us a little bit about who you are:

ZDT is a company with more than 20 years of experience in medical product marketing in China. We have always been committed to providing Chinese consumers with high-quality medical products and services.

How has it been聽working聽with Rejuvaskin?

Rejuvaskin products perfectly fit our target聽individual聽and market. Over the past three years of cooperation with Atlantic Medical Products, LLC, our team has focused on the promotion and sales of the Rejuvaskin (Chinese trademark "Sifumei") brand in the Chinese market. Our current marketing strategy is to sell Rejuvaskin products through three main channels: Hospitals, Aesthetic clinics, and Online sales platforms.

What do you and your customers like the most about Rejuvaskin?

As for the present, our RejuvaSil and Scar Fx products are recognizable and loved by Chinese consumers. The fundamental reasons could be summarized as:
  1. Good curative results.
  2. Texture and appearance of our products; The silky texture of the RejuvaSil and the beautiful, transparent appearance. The gel is easy to use, easy to carry and has no unpleasant sensations.
  3. Scar Fx is also favored by the majority of patients.

What has allowed you to grow in your market?

We believe our achievements are due to the following factors:
  1. The high-quality, uniquely curative products and highly effective professional services provided by Atlantic Medical Products Team provide is solid backing for our market expansion.
  2. A marketing strategy suitable for the Chinese market, designed by ZDT, which is mainly focused on strict control of the sales channels and a stable price system.
  3. Our effective promotion and professional after-sales services to doctors and patients. Professional pre-sale and after-sale services锛Rejuvaskin has not entered the Chinese market for a long time. In the Chinese market, foreign brands such as "KELO-COTE", "Dermatix", and "Strataderm" have already entered China. In order to differentiate from competitors, ZDT team has enhanced pre-sales experience and after-sales service, so that consumers can have a better user experience with us.

What is your plan for the future?

We plan to build the Rejuvaskin鈥檚 brand name and influence in China in 3 to 5 years, so as to realize the value shared by ZDT and Atlantic Medical Products Team.


We are so grateful to our incredible partners like ZDT. Wondering聽if Rejuvasil, Scar Fx and Scar Esthetique are right for your brand? Learn more about these high-quality solutions to prevent and minimize scars.聽 Visit our international distribution page to learn more about becoming a partner.