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  • Product Comparison: Rejuvasil vs. Scar Esthetique

    Are you familiar with the difference between Rejuvaskin’s scar gel, RejuvaSil, and scar cream, Scar Esthetique? These products sometimes get confused with one another and this newsletter is going to clarify the differences so you can inform your customers of the right choice to suit their scar needs.  
  • Product Spotlight: Rejûvaskin Skin Recovery Cream

    One of our latest products at Rejuvaskin is our Skin Recovery Cream. This super moisturizer was developed to soothe and nourish skin affected by radiation treatment and other skin conditions. The key ingredients in our Skin Recovery Cream are aloe vera, calendula, bamboo, pea extract, glucosamine, hyaluronic acid (sodium hyaluronate), and silicone.
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